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10 Reasons Why Schools & Institutes in Ahmedabad Can’t Ignore Digital Marketing!

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In today’s world, education isn’t just about textbooks and classrooms anymore. Yet, countless schools and institutes in Ahmedabad stick to traditional marketing methods, missing out on potential students right at their fingertips.

They think that social media is just for cat videos and fun-oriented brands like Zomato, Swiggy and Fevicol. But that’s not true, strategic social media marketing can turn your institute into a vibrant online community, attracting students, parents and educators alike.

In this blog we talk about the 10 powerful reasons why you can’t afford to ignore digital marketing any longer. Plus, know how a savvy social media marketing company in Ahmedabad can help you utilise this power of the digital world.

P.S. We have also got some actionable tips to get you started.

Table of Contents

  1. 10 Reasons Why Schools & Institutes Shouldn’t Ignore Digital Marketing!
  2. Digital Marketing Strategies for Schools & Institutes in Ahmedabad
  3. How Flora Fountain Can Help You?
  4. In Conclusion
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

10 Reasons Why Schools & Institutes Shouldn’t Ignore Digital Marketing!

Reach parents & students at the right time

With digital marketing you reach parents and students when they are actively searching for the perfect educational fit online. The days when most students, parents, or teachers flip through newspaper ads to scour for an excellent educational institution are gone. With targeted digital marketing, your institute appears right when parents and students research schools! Stop waiting – be there when they need you!

Affordable than traditional marketing

There are still some conservative educational institutions that use newspaper, radio, TV and billboard advertisements. Nevertheless, due to expenses, traditional marketing is still overtaken by digital marketing. For instance, spending money on social media digital marketing initiatives is cost-effective and controllable. Also, each campaign may be optimised with the help of the many web marketing tools to increase conversions while lowering expenses.

High conversion rate

While traditional marketing may create curiosity, digital marketing turns that curiosity into action. Browsers become enrolled students when they are exposed to targeted advertisements, well-designed websites and active social media profiles!

Brand awareness

Having a strong online presence is of the utmost importance in the modern digital age. Increase brand awareness by running creative internet ads to inform people in Ahmedabad that you are their go-to source for education!

Increases brand credibility

Make a statement in the crowd! Highlight your accomplishments and distinctive offerings with interesting content and positive online reviews. Increase the credibility of your business and draw in parents who are looking for the greatest education for their kids.

Works as a communication tool

Building strong relationships with parents and students requires open communication. Digital marketing is a potent tool for communication and allows for the sharing of important information, event announcements and updates regularly. Maintain contact with your audience, respond to their questions right away, and keep the lines of communication open.

Personalised marketing

Create a message that speaks to the particular requirements of each Ahmedabad parent and student. Digital marketing allows personalised campaigns that guarantee that the services your institution provides meet the needs and goals of your intended audience. Accept the potential of customised marketing to build a deep relationship with parents and potential students that will increase enrolment and loyalty.

Getting prepared with IoT

The educational future in Ahmedabad is heavily reliant on technology, thus it’s essential to be ready for the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT can be used by digital advertising strategies to improve the educational experience and show off your institution’s progressive nature. Present yourself as technologically savvy to draw in students and their parents who appreciate creativity.

Complete the sales funnel for students/parents

uide prospective students and parents seamlessly through the enrollment journey. Digital marketing completes the sales funnel by nurturing leads, providing relevant information and encouraging confident decision-making. Ensure that every interaction, from the first point of contact to enrollment, is optimised for a positive and conversion-oriented experience. Leave no gaps in the sales funnel, making the enrollment process smooth and enticing.

Generate consistent leads for your institutions

Consistency is the key to sustained success. Digital marketing establishes a reliable lead generation system for your institution in Ahmedabad. Experience a steady influx of inquiries and interest, ensuring a consistent pipeline of potential students. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to continuously grow your institution by utilising the power of digital strategies that deliver reliable and ongoing leads.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Schools & Institutes in Ahmedabad

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In the educational hub of Ahmedabad, institutions thrive in areas like Satellite, Bopal, Navrangpura and Bodakdev. We have crafted tailored digital marketing strategies to elevate the branding of schools and institutes. Let’s delve into the key strategies:

Be where your audience is

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with parents and students where they spend their digital time. A strategic online presence, including social media platforms and relevant forums, ensures your institution is visible and accessible to the target audience. Be present where it matters to make a lasting impression.

Influencer marketing

I know you might be surprised but influencer marketing isn’t exclusive to glamorous industries. Today’s students, particularly young college-goers, turn to influencers as trusted sources. Parul University, for instance, collaborated with film stars during its convocation, tapping into the influential power of public figures to resonate with and inspire students.

Consistent & creative content

Craft content that not only informs but also engages. A social media marketing agency in Ahmedabad can assist in developing consistent and creative content that resonates with your audience. Keep your digital channels active with impactful visuals, informative posts and engaging updates to maintain a strong online presence.

Build your Brand on LinkedIn

Your school or college should be on LinkedIn, and so should your teachers. Why? Well, when parents or students look up your institution, they want to know everything. They will look at your teacher’s qualifications and more. If your teachers aren’t on LinkedIn, it might make them choose another school or college.

A Google search results for schools in Ahmedabad
SEO optimisation

Increase the visibility of your institution in internet searches by putting SEO strategies into practice. Make sure your institution appears highly on search engine result pages by optimising the content of your website and using appropriate keywords. Collaborate with an SEO company in Ahmedabad to optimise your institute’s SEO. As parents and students look for educational institutions in Ahmedabad, be the first people they consider.

Optimised GMB profile

Your institution’s Google My Business (GMB) profile frequently serves as prospective parents’ and students’ initial impression of it. Make sure the information is true and engaging. In addition to attracting local inquiries, an optimised GMB profile helps build an excellent online reputation.

Tracking & analysing the data

Analyse and track the results of your digital marketing campaigns to make data-driven choices. Make use of analytics tools to evaluate the success of your tactics, comprehend user behaviour and modify your strategy as necessary. Frequent analysis guarantees ongoing development and optimises the internet presence of your organisation.

How Flora Fountain Can Help you?

Flora Fountain is a digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad that specialises in collaborating with educational institutions. We have successfully crafted the online presence of schools like Sarwa Mangal School, Shivashish World School and Little Wings through our expertise in branding, social media SEO, and web maintenance. If you’re considering digital marketing for your institution, we are here to assist. Let us help you as your dedicated marketing partner. Contact us at hello@florafountain.com to embark on a journey towards new heights in digital marketing.

In Conclusion

The education landscape is evolving rapidly, and Ahmedabad’s schools and institutes must adapt or risk being left behind. By utilising the power of digital marketing, you can reach ideal students, build trust with parents and solidify your brand as a leader in education. The future of education is digital, and it’s waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Real-time communication between educational institutions and their target audience is made easier by digital marketing. Institutions can interact with students, parents and alumni through social media platforms, chatbots and email campaigns, quickly responding to their questions.
Real-time communication between educational institutions and their target audience is made easier by digital marketing. Institutions can interact with students, parents and alumni through social media platforms, chatbots and email campaigns, quickly responding to their questions.
Digital marketing enhances visibility, engages the community, and attracts prospective students, ensuring a competitive edge.
Yes, effective digital strategies can increase enrollment by reaching a wider audience and conveying the institution’s strengths.
SEO ensures your institution ranks high in search results, making it more accessible to parents and students looking for educational options.

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