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Vasim Samadji

Vasim Samadji is a partner at Flora Fountain, where he leads the Business and Marketing Strategy divisions. He is a seasoned professional with an MBA in marketing and over a decade of experience working with multiple MNCs. Vasim is a firm believer in the power of creation and he is passionate about cultivating innovative ideas, strategies and trends that shape both individuals and brands. Armed with market research, digital marketing strategy and branding experience, Vasim has a deep understanding of the human psyche and its effect on consumer behaviour. He is skilled at selling the right product to its target audience at a price that makes both the seller and buyer happy. Vasim's vision for Flora Fountain is to build a community of free-thinkers who foster boundless creativity and bestow even the ordinary with a unique identity.

When not in his dapper suits, Vasim is a closeted poet and has also started an initiative called "An Evening With" which revolves around art of spoken words. He is a lifelong learner who is always eager to explore new ideas and challenges. So far Vasim has worked with more than 100 businesses for various needs and has made significant contributions to their success.

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