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Shefali is the founder of Flora Fountain and heads the Content and Technology segments of the business. She’s an engineer and a former journalist and has worked as a product manager with major media houses like the New Yorker magazine, HBO and Conde Nast Traveller during her stint in New York. Upon her return to India, she headed the launch of GQ India’s digital platform and handled the digital products for Nat Geo Traveller India and Conde Nast Traveller India.

Wanting to create something of her own, Shefali moved to Ahmedabad, the city she grew up in and started Flora Fountain in 2016; building websites from scratch for local and national brands and businesses. Today Flora Fountain is a digital agency that provides businesses with all digital solutions under one roof, be it web design & development, branding & digital-marketing strategy or content creation and writing.

Fun fact: Apart from being an IT entrepreneur, Shefali is an avid traveller, with her articles getting published in major magazines like Conde Nast and Nat Geo Traveller. She also co-founded Mahila Manch, a comedy collective based out of Ahmedabad and performs stand-up comedy under the banner across Gujarat.

Vasim is the Head of Marketing and Strategy at Flora Fountain. Armed with an MBA in Marketing and experience of over a decade working with multiple MNC Banks, Vasim knows how to sell your product to the right consumer base at a price which makes both the seller and buyer happy at the end of the transaction. This, thanks to his in-depth understanding of the human psyche and consumer behaviour.

His journey with Flora Fountain had started on a rather informal note, where he would advise Shefali on the marketing aspect of the business when it was still on its baby steps. His role was formalised further as a Business Consultant to Flora Fountain and he would ensure that Shefali had a smooth sailing when it comes to marketing and strategy. With his valuable assistance coming of great help for the business’ growth, Vasim went on to become a partner with Shefali of Flora Fountain and took charge of Marketing and Business Strategy.

When not in his dapper suits, Vasim is a closeted poet and moonlights as a stand-up comedian with a prominent Ahmedabad-based comedy collective. He also has served as a Senior Director with BNI Ahmedabad and helped more than 500 business owners to understand the value of network marketing.

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