We love problems.

It takes a whole orchestra to play a symphony!

Don’t just do a job, make a career!

As our team of innovators and creators continue to grow, we are always on the lookout for people are not just creative or skilled in writing, designing or coding, but for people who love to explore, experience and learn new things every day. Are you one of them?


Rs. 45,000 to 1,00,000/Month

7 years or more

Job Summary:

In our next web designer, we are looking for someone who understands both computer programming and has an eye for graphic design. You will be in charge of creating a distinct look, layout and various features of our websites, before it goes to the next level of development.

Job profile:
  • Knowledge of PSD to HTML
  • Knowledge of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, CorelDraw
  • Illustrator, CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript
  • Knowledge of Bootstrap Framework
  • Designing webpage in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for rapid prototyping
  • Mobile App Designing (iPhone / Android / Tablets)


    Rs. 20,000 to 25,000

    1-2 years or more

    Job Summary:

    Let’s put it very simply here. We are looking for someone who eats and breathes social media every day. We are looking for people who is deft in handling various social media accounts on multiple platforms for our clients with ease. Basically, telling customers the story of your brands and convincing them to pay them for it.

    Job profile:
    • Knowledge and experience with various online marketing tools and best practices.
    • Good knowledge of all different digital marketing channels and social media platforms.
    • Can shoot good pictures and videos or products and people on phone or a digital camera.
    • Can write crisp copies for social media posts.

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