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Why Do You Need a Digital Marketing Agency for FMCG?

The digital advertising industry in the country is expected to grow at a compounded rate of 31% to reach a market size of Rs 51,110 crores by the end of 2024. With 44.1% FMCG spends second highest on digital advertising after TVC, followed by print advertising and outdoor advertising accounting for 6% and 2% respectively. To adapt to digital marketing trends in FMCG & reach the audience where they are.

Strengthen brand loyalty

A digital marketing agency can help you foster relationships with your customers through loyalty programs, personalized interactions, and targeted communication. This not only increases sales but also creates brand advocates who spread the word about your FMCG products.

Reach your target customer

Collaborating with a social media marketing agency and promoting your product on digital platforms enables you to reach your ideal customer demographic; ensuring that you connect with people genuinely interested in your products.

Increased engagement

With digital marketing, you can show your products aesthetically and create engaging social media posts to tell your brand story and connect with customers on a personal level.

Increased sales

Successful digital marketing techniques increases customer interaction, and eventually sales. It also enables you to monitor consumer behaviour so that you can change and enhance your strategies as needed.

Our Digital Marketing Services for your FMCG company

Social media marketing

We help you create a buzz around your FMCG brand with our social media marketing. We ideate, create and post engaging content on Instagram and Facebook that attracts your target audience. We also keep a close tab on the latest social media trends.

Content marketing

We develop and execute content marketing to reach your target audience and promote your FMCG brand. We create informative and engaging blog posts and infographics that educate and entertain your customers. We also make sure that the content is SEO-friendly.

Branding & performance marketing

We can help you develop a strong brand identity and drive performance for your FMCG brand with our comprehensive branding and performance marketing services. We will create unique branding and implement performance marketing campaigns to achieve your marketing goals.

Video & Photoshoots

Our in-house photoshoots and video creation produce high-quality visuals that showcase your FMCG products in the best possible light. We work with you to develop creative concepts and produce stunning visuals that capture the attention of your target audience.


Our SEO services are designed to help FMCG brands boost their online presence on SERP. We offer a range of SEO services for FMCG brands, including keyword research, on-page SEO, link building and technical SEO which will improve your website’s visibility and attract more potential customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing for FMCG means having a content strategy of creative and engaging content that engages your target audience and promotes your brand. It can be social media posts, blogs, videos or infographics.

Though there is no definitive answer to this as it depends on factors such as the target audience, the product category, the marketing objectives, the budget, and the competition. However, you can choose a platform that has a large and relevant reach for your potential customers, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Google.

Social media is important for FMCG because it can help brands reach and engage with their target audience more authentically and cost-effectively, and showcase your product features, benefits and USPs engagingly and creatively.

A digital strategy for FMCG is a plan that outlines how to use digital platforms and tools to achieve marketing and business goals for fast-moving consumer goods. It involves creating and distributing engaging, relevant, and personalised content for the target audience, using data and analytics to optimise the performance and ROI of the campaigns, and leveraging the influence and reach of social media, e-commerce and online communities.

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