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Kamaii ki Kahani – Marketing a home-cooked food ordering & delivery app

Flora Fountain is not new to marketing and promoting food brands digitally. Some of our highly successful campaigns as a social media marketing company in Ahmedabad, India have been for prominent restaurant chains, cafes and hotels.

But, Kamaii is different. It was not just another food ordering and delivery app. It is a novel idea, which has come to fruition thanks to the efforts and intentions of the client and their team of home chefs, to make food accessible to the multitudes left wanting post-pandemic. However, when Flora Fountain was on-boarded as one of the best digital marketing companies in Ahmedabad, the audience was yet to see and experience the concept.

Here’s how we made it happen: Kamaii ki Kahaani.

About Kamaii – The Client

Kamaii is the brainchild of Darshan and Stuti Jani, first-generation entrepreneurs and venture capitalist couple, who wanted to bring together the talented home chefs of Ahmedabad and the food-loving Amdavadis who crave and need a delicious home-cooked meal, but somehow do not have access it.

This mobile platform allows home chefs to create a profile and put up theri homemade meals and snacks. Customers looking to enjoy homemade food for lunch, dinner or snacks, can then place their orders on the app.

Once the order is received, the Kamaii home chefs, known as Kamaii Food Partners, start preparing the food from scratch using fresh ingredients. As soon as the order is ready, a Kamaii Rider Partner picks up the order from the Kamaii Food Partner’s home and delivers it to the doorstep of customers.

The variety of food options on the app include Gujarati meals, Punjabi thalis, Rajasthani cuisine, freshly baked goodies, popular local snacks & even desserts.

This app is available for both Android and iOS users and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and App Store.

Objectives of the brand

A lot of homes lost their source of earning post-pandemic. One of the main objectives of the brand Kamaii is to provide a platform for home chefs to use their cooking skills and to earn extra income or “Kamaii” for their family. The other fallout of the pandemic was that a lot of people, such as students, senior citizens and even office and factory-workers were left without access to a fresh, home-cooked meal, which is a basic necessity. Through Kamaii, the brand also tries to solve this problem of accessibility to healthy and fresh home cooked meals..

According to the client, Kamaii brings people together for the joy of enjoying fresh homemade meals that are prepared with passion!

Challenges with the Brand/Observations by Flora Fountain

Brand name connect. The end-user had to understand the idea behind the name itself. Kamaii, in Hindi and Gujarati, means ‘Earning’. While the app is actually a food ordering app. So, we had to decipher and break down the connection for the user.

Brand name searchability. There was an additional ‘i’ at the end of the name, which was something not many knew about, and made it difficult for people to find it on the various app stores.

Inconsistency in brand messaging. Every platform had a different description for the app and the brand. This could be misleading for potential customers, partners and clients.

Communicating to different audiences. Kamaii had two audiences it needed to target. One needed to target home chefs so they could be made aware of the platform, its earning potential and on-boarded, second was the end-user who had to be made aware about the app usage, download and USPs such fresh made-to-order home-cooked food. There is also a third smaller TG and app connecting delivery partners. The messaging to each of these groups was being done the same way, without speaking to any of them.

Strong brand voice/identity missing. Because of the undefined target audience, improper language use and inconsistency in messaging, the brand lacked a uniform and distinctive voice. Right from the messaging on social media to the app bios and descriptions on multiple platforms, to the videos uploaded on YouTube.

Digital Branding Solutions provided by Flora Fountain as the best social media marketing company in Ahmedabad, India

  • Brand PositioningWe redefined the way the brand is being positioned in the market. Since people were confused by the unique name and the similarity in the services offered to that of other food delivery apps, we focused instead on the human touch, clearly demarcating the mission, vision and services of the brand across various digital platforms.
  • Social Media MarketingSocial media was one of the first places where we swung into action, which gave the brand a fresh look and feel through upgraded and consistent designs and simple but well-written content.
    first grid on Kamaii
    We reintroduced the brand, showcasing the people behind Kamaii, the home chefs, and the various Indian homemade delicacies they prepare every day and even for special occasions.One of the more popular campaigns we ran recently was the De Thaali campaign, centered around one of their most ordered products on the app, the lunch thaali, by running a quirky yet relatable series of posts around it, highlighting the low price point, the various types of thaali and the various offering available in a thaali.
  • Content clean up, improvement and creationOne of the most important parts of this exercise was the clean-up and improvement of the content put out for the brand, across platforms. Right from the bio on Instagram, to the messaging that goes out on the app through notifications, we rewrote and restructured the entire brand communication strategy for Kamaii.The reason was simple, our research revealed that people who use the app aren’t looking to read lengthy prose, they simply want information about the product, and easy to understand messaging.Once the existing content was fixed, we created newer pieces of content, to communicate with the audience such as newsletters, additional notifications and a website revamp, all of which is now in the works.
  • Product ShootWe eat with our eyes first. And with that exact thought, we directed a full-fledged photoshoot of almost every best-selling item from the app. The shoot was directed by our inhouse team, and the venue was Kamaii’s office itself, helping save costs and time!
  • Packaging DesignThe initial packaging was the standard rectangular cardboard box which had a faded print of the logo and sometimes even plain brand-less packaging. We designed a new food parcel box jacket, using the brand colours and smarter design and content reiterating the message of fresh, home cooked meals for highly reasonable rates. We even designed t-shirts for the delivery partners, so that the app was being marketed even as they were on the road.

Packaging Design

  • Newspaper & Radio AdvertisingAs the best marketing agency in Ahmedabad, we still swear by the power of traditional marketing. For the “De Thaali” campaign we planned and executed a multi-channel advertising campaign across newspaper, radio and digital platforms. The ads in the newspaper were created in Gujarati and English and run across prominent local language newspapers, in tandem with a full-fledged radio campaign and digital campaign across a period of three weeks. Finally ending in one of the founder’s being interviewed about the brand on radio.

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More reach

social media reach report
From a subdued reach, the Instagram and Facebook pages of Kamaii saw an exponential jump of 495% and 686% respectively. This, thanks to the relatable content, and targeted promotional activity done on a regular basis.

More downloads

During the period of January 2021 to August 2021, the mobile app downloads were just 1975 and the active customers were a measly 34 people. But ever since we began actively promoting app downloads with attractive promotional campaigns, the number jumped to 8481 downloads, an increase of 6506 downloads.

More orders

During the period of January 2021 to August 2021, the orders on the Kamaii App stood at just 38. But thanks to engaging content marketing and attractive offers on social media, the orders from September 2021 to March 2022 stood at 6490, of which 5082 were new customers.

Some more interesting facts

Apart from the above, now over 1600 customers repeatedly order from the app, the value of the orders placed till date has now reached Rs.7,85,600

Client speak


We joined hands with Flora Fountain for the branding, digital strategy & social media management of our brand, Kamaii. While we had heard good words about them in the market, we were mighty impressed with their commitment to our brand, their professional approach & their flexibility in ideas & execution. Thorough research, an understanding of the brand & the market & the ideas that connect, Flora Fountain has ensured that our brand has started connecting with the right audience in the city.

Working with them has seemed more like a friendly partnership, than a client-agency relationship. We highly recommend them to all businesses that are looking to work with a committed & intelligent team of professionals.

Impressed? This could be the story of your brand too. At Flora Fountain, WE LOVE PROBLEMS! Come down to our office for a cup of coffee, served with a side of kickass ideas and strategy for your brand. Drop us a hello on hello@florafountain.in today to schedule a meeting.

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