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Top Social Media Marketing Agency in Ahmedabad

In today’s fast-paced, digitally transparent world, if your business is not on social media, what are you even doing?

The population of India is over 1.3 billion, and it has over 490 million active Internet users in the urban and rural regions spread across various income bands. It is imperative for your business to have an online presence and to engage with all these probable consumers of your product.

With the backing of a professional social media agency from Ahmedabad like Flora Fountain as your Social Media Marketing team, you make a splash on literally every major social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and even YouTube.

Backed with in-depth research of your customer demographic, we make social media calendars, strategise various promotional activities and campaigns (both paid and organic), plan influencer marketing and contests with an eye on the analytics, ensuring you have a personal connect with your customers and become their first choice.

Our clientele includes various local, small businesses, start ups, restaurants and hotels, major lifestyle brands, legacy jewellery houses, national apparel brands, eCommerce brands and even celebrities.

Why We Are The Best Social Media Marketing Company?

Our social media marketing company led by the marketing maverick Vasim Samadji manages brand image and reputation on almost every digital marketing platform you can name. We are the guys who never say no, for we love a new adventure every day. We crunch insight figures like nachos, our social media posting processes run like a clock work and we give brands the value of every penny they spend on their digital promotions with marketing campaigns that give rich returns in the form of genuine leads and inquiries online.

Even when the pandemic hit us, we as a digital marketing agency never took a day off, and instead were among the first ones who saw this as a golden opportunity to help businesses migrate to digital and explore endless possibilities on the worldwide web, on the smartphones of nearly 1/4th of the population of this country.

No matter what your business, service or product is, we believe that there is an audience and customer base waiting for you to pitch to them. We have made local small-time businesses reach out to almost every corner of this country with the power of Instagram marketing. We’ve helped developers meet prospective clients solely based on their active google business and LinkedIn pages.

We Are The Top Digital Marketing Agency of Ahmedabad

But we still get asked, why social media, if I already have a presence online with our website. And the answer to that question is, that people out there will never hear about you, until and unless you tell them. And that’s what the best digital marketing company of Ahmedabad does for your business. We tap into the active social media crowd through our specially curated campaigns targeting them and drawing them to your website.

If you’re still wondering whether social media is right for you, to you we tell, “Aao kabhi haveli pe, chai pite hai!” and we bet that will be the best and most valuable cup of tea you’ve had for your business.

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