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How is AI affecting content marketing in the digital world

Studying analytics and trends

Data research

Keyword research

Studying analytics and trends

Data review

Search engine optimization

And finally content creation!

These are some of the many important tasks that a digital marketer does before actually writing any content. Such tasks add up to take away from some valuable hours that could be spent writing or editing.. However, as artificial intelligence isn’t a thing of the future anymore, it has already started to change the game of content marketing. Content marketing includes marketing content written for social media posts, seo, and websites. It is not just writing but includes researching, editing, uploading, and promoting this content.

So what is AI and how can it impact, or maybe even improve, content marketing?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence in machines. This technology leverages computers or machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind. According to data, the global AI market value is expected to reach $267 billion by 2027.

One of the best digital marketing agencies in Ahmedabad, Flora Fountain is here to help you understand how this technology has affected or should we say benefited the content marketing strategy in the digital world.

Better research & insights

Creating content may seem like it’s an easy job to do. But it involves a lot of time, money, effort and intellect to come up with ideas and convert them into engaging content on social media and other digital media platforms. Research plays an extensive and important role in content creation. In our experience, right from professional content writing in Ahmedabad to strategising and executing local and national campaigns, its efficiency in the digital world depended a great deal on reaching the right person at the right time. And this involved many manual hours of research and data collection done by our teams.

Fortunately, AI exists! AI collects, analyses, and compares data faster than a human. And this data provides them with insights to form a cohesive and smarter content strategy. A strategy that is relevant, trending, and has been curated on the basis of numbers.

For instance, Instagram provides insights of the audience that the brand targets. It even helps detect the best times and channels to publish content. When it shows such insights a marketer or content strategist empowered with this knowledge can come up with a more customised content strategy for the brand.

Better research & insights

Content curation

Coming up with something new to write is a tedious task. And what is all the more difficult is to create perfect copies, captions and blogs that connect the brand with its target audiences. But just like AI helps with the research and data collection for content creation, there are tools which help curate and correct content to ensure the promotional material is error-free. Speaking from our experience of professional content writing in Ahmedabad, we have been able to curate our content, its language and focus on the basis of the region and the audience it is being targeted to.

BuzzSumo showing a keyword’s engagement on different platforms.

AI also helps to create high-quality automatic content in order to waste less time the marketers on small posts. One of the most popular and widely used software tools, Grammarly uses AI to check grammar, spelling, or plagiarism and also provides suggestions. Paraphrasing tools like Quillbot and Spinbot, work as full-sentence thesaurus as they restructure text while maintaining its original meaning.

Grammarly interface


Powered by AI platforms, chatbots are content intelligence tools that you see on websites or apps like Facebook messenger. These bots interact with customers who need answers to their queries immediately. They provide such customers with detailed and appropriate responses to the questions. Earlier, when people used to buy something online and wanted to ask something regarding the items, the executive took time to gather resources to respond. But with the help of AI chatbots, they retrieve relevant information in a fraction of seconds.

Customers feel like they’re having a normal conversation with a human being as opposed to a robot.

Read customer’s pulse with predictive intelligence

Imagine you are browsing Myntra, and you find some items that you like and you decide to save them for later. Next, you open your Instagram and are scrolling through. Suddenly an ad from Myntra appears with the items that you recently saved along with related products. Seeing those items again, makes you go back to the app and purchase that item. This is AI creating personalised content for every individual at the consideration stage.

With the help of predictive intelligence, marketers can track their customer’s behaviour and construct profiles. They can also create personalised content on the basis of the data recorded on the requirements and interests of customers.

AI in action on social media platforms

4.62 billion people around the world use social media, which means brands have a chance to promote their content in front of a large audience. Be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Twitter, hashtag (#) is an amazing way to drive views, likes and shares on any content. People who are interested in a certain topic find it by searching that particular hashtag. And in this way the brand easily draws attention to their posts. The more ‘niche’ the hashtag is, the more number of the right people can find it.

Similarly, trending songs or audios that are gaining popularity on the most popular feature of instagram, REELS, also helps a video content to go viral.

So this shows how AI empowers a business to prepare for smarter content strategies for their digital marketing. Want to witness it yourself? Let Flora Fountain, the best digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad with its professional content writing help you create better strategies with AI. To start a conversation call 91 95580 79502 or drop us an email hello@florafountain.com

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