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Shefali Pandey

The founder and partner of Flora Fountain, Shefali leads the Content and Technology divisions. A one-time engineer who started her career writing front-end code, she took a detour sometime during her 9 years in New York, studied journalism and started writing prose, poetry and sometimes jokes. She now has 15 years of experience in various segments of digital media and writing.  A lover of all things Bollywood, horror, good food and comedy, she curates #RickPick on Instagram to celebrate everyday kitsch, especially in auto-rickshaws. Her lifelong fascination with Bombay inspired the company's name, serving as its initial home and attracting valued clients. Evolving from a website and content-focused agency with renowned clients like National Geographic Traveller, Flora Fountain has now flourished into a 360-degree digital agency in Ahmedabad. Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Shefali is also a stand-up artist and a co-founder of the comedy collective named Mahila Manch in Ahmedabad. Her creative pursuits in comedy is her way of showcasing her versatility and dedication to exploring new avenues of artistic expression.

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