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Turning businesses into brands: The case for a professional creative agency


Any marketing agency out there can design hoardings, create logos or manage social media.

But what differentiates a brand from business?

Hard-to-miss presence in the market, on-point messaging to its exact audience and a knowledge of the brand even outside its demographic. These are the hallmarks of a brand. And this magic happens when a creative agency comes into the picture.

So how does a professional creative agency turn a business into a brand? Read on to know…

Team of creative geniuses

From researching to strategizing, designing to writing, and planning to executing; a creative agency has experienced professionals working on every aspect of your business. They use their learnings from working with multiple brands to understand the market and create an effective strategy for the business to succeed.

It is cost effective

With a creative agency on board, businesses can get their branding and promotional work done for a fraction of the cost of hiring an entire team of professionals in-house. Think about it. There is a huge expense in acquiring the required tools and softwares. Then there’s the cost of paying salaries to writers, designers, strategists, and consultants. This will drive the cost per lead up through the roof!

Get a fresh perspective


Sometimes the best way to sustain customer interest and attract a new audience for the brand is by introducing newness; in the brand communication, the product range and the promotional activities.

And this is where a creative agency comes to your rescue. A creative agency in India like Flora Fountain looks at the brand from a neutral perspective, sometimes even from a consumer’s viewpoint. It then identifies the challenges that the brand might be facing. Such as product acceptance, brand communication, the brand’s central idea getting lost or even customer service and feedback.

A creative agency thinks outside the box and comes up with new ideas, and creates innovative solutions to solve problems and delight the target audience.

Saves time

By hiring a creative agency, a business is not just bringing on creative geniuses to work on the brand, but their numerous years of experience working on various brands across different markets catering to all kinds of consumers.

This saves a lot of time in the long run. How, you wonder?

The years spent working on creating successful brands means the agency knows the market in and out. They can anticipate the challenges the business might face, understand the customers’ needs and desires from that market segment and pick the right strategy to counter those challenges and fulfill the customers’ desires.

The amount of time the business would save on research and testing multiple strategies over time in just understanding the audience is invaluable.

Efficient management of campaigns

With the backing of a creative agency, a business doesn’t have to worry about involving its in-house marketing team to monitor, analyze, and study the campaigns being run for its promotions. Because a creative agency has the resources, tools, and manpower to run the day-to-day management of the marketing campaigns, analyze its success ratio and work out the next set of plans.

Benefit from their network

Some of the best creative agencies in India are known to have a great network, built through years of experience, recognition and credibility. And in the current times of Instagram, these digital agencies have a great following among netizens too.

So when you work with a creative digital agency in India like Flora Fountain, you get to benefit from their network. Why? Because agencies regularly share the work they have done for brands within their networks too, both offline and online. And that way, your business gets additional exposure to people who follow such full-service agencies.

It’s time to make the right decision for your business, to build it into a brand. It’s time to get the big guns, and hire Ahmedabad’s best digital agency as your creative partners for your offline and online branding and promotions. Get in touch with us for a free consultation session today!

Vasim Samadji is a partner at Flora Fountain, where he leads the Business and Marketing Strategy divisions. He is a seasoned professional with an MBA in marketing and over a decade of experience working with multiple MNCs. Vasim is a firm believer in the power of creation and he is...

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