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Top 10 Jewellery Influencers and Bloggers in India

Jewellery Influencers in Gujarat

Social media, especially Instagram, serves everything to users on a silver platter. It provides all the information you need. People now follow influencers to get updates on topics they’re interested in, such as sports, lifestyle and jewellery. Statistics show that 61% of consumers are influenced by recommendations from influencers, and 38% trust branded social media content. So, if you’re a jewellery business owner still relying on offline customers and traditional advertising, it might be time to up your game. This blog will introduce you to India’s top 10 jewellery influencers who bring luxurious jewellery and related information to their followers.

Table of contents

  1. Rise of Jewellery Influencers on Instagram
  2. Top 10 Jewellery Influencers in India
  3. Connect with the Right Jewellery Influencers for Your Brand
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Rise of Jewellery Influencers on Instagram

Jewellery advertisement has evolved beyond merely clicking aesthetic pictures and sharing them on social media. It has taken the form of influencer marketing, where collaboration with jewellery influencers enhances customer engagement.

The rise of jewellery influencers on Instagram is attributed to the following reasons:

Growth of Instagram as a visual platform

With over 230 million users, Instagram is the most widely used social media platform. It serves as a visual content platform, allowing the sharing of videos and images ideal for showcasing products like jewellery and their aesthetic appeal. This enables the creation and sharing of attractive and engaging jewellery content.

Influence of celebrities and fashion icons

Famous personalities like Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone who have substantial fan bases on Instagram, frequently post pictures and videos featuring themselves wearing jewellery. Whether for personal or professional reasons, these posts can inspire and influence followers to emulate their style and purchase similar jewellery items. Some celebrities and fashion icons even have their own jewellery lines or collaborations with brands, such as Anushka Sharma’s NUSH, Alia Bhatt’s Pipa Bella, and Gigi Hadid’s Messika, which they promote on their Instagram accounts.

Let’s talk influencer marketing!

Accessibility of jewellery

With the availability of online and offline jewellery stores, markets and platforms, consumers can easily access and purchase jewellery items that align with their budget, taste and occasion. Jewellery influencers on Instagram often provide links, codes, discounts and recommendations for their followers to buy jewellery from various sources, making the process more convenient and affordable.

Jewellery brands are adapting to changing marketing strategies, outsourcing their digital marketing activities to digital marketing agency. These agencies possess the experience and networks that can help jewellery brands excel.

Top 10 Jewellery Influencers in India

Jewellery influencers are often referred to as jewellery bloggers. Here are the top 10 influencers in India who post jewellery, fashion and lifestyle content.

Komal Pandey – She creates and shares content related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She has 1.9 million followers and a 5.02% engagement rate. Komal posts photos and videos featuring different outfits, accessories and jewellery. Additionally, she shares reviews, tutorials, hauls and challenges. In her captions, she credits the accounts where the jewellery and outfit are from. Komal frequently collaborates with various brands and products, including Zariya. Her account is recognised for her passion, creativity and personality She has a strong brand identity and value proposition that sets it apart from other jewellery bloggers.


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Masoom Minawala – She is more than just a creator; she is an influencer, entrepreneur and investor. With a substantial following of 1.4 million and an engagement rate of 3.6%, her account has a loyal and active audience. Masoom’s content revolves around fashion, travel, beauty and lifestyle. She often showcases and advertises jewellery on her account from various brands and designers. As a jewellery influencer, she wears the jewellery in different settings, such as red-carpet events, festivals, weddings and travels. For example: She wore a stunning emerald green blouse paired with matching earrings from Outhouse Jewellery at the Cannes Film Festival in 2023. Beyond being an influencer she creates a personal connection with the showcase jewellery and her audience. She narrates stories and the emotions attached to each jewellery piece.

Prerna Makhariaa – She is India’s first jewellery influencer, advisor and a graduate gemologist from GIA. She is the founder of StylePrer, a blog that showcases her expertise and passion in jewellery. With 179K followers, she uses a variety of hashtags and caption words to attract more attention and reach new audiences. Some of her go-to hashtags are #prernaamakhariaa, #jewellery, #styleprer, and #jewelleryblogger. She often advertises jewellery by wearing different pieces from various brands and designers. For instance, she graced a traditional outfit and jewellery from Anmol Jewellers at the JewelBuzz Iconic Awards 2023, where she was honoured as the Influencer of the Year. Additionally, she wore a stylish black dress complemented by jewellery from Minawala for a photo shoot in 2023

Siddharth Batra – A trailblazer in the world of fashion and beauty, he has earned the title of GQ’s most influential male jewellery influencer in India. He is also Cosmopolitan’s best fashion influencer and E4M’s top fashion creator. With an impressive 276K followers and a high engagement rate of 4.53%. His Instagram account is a captivating showcase of jewellery, where he confidently flaunts pieces from various brands and designers. He makes clever use of hashtags and captions to highlight the jewellery and tag the brands or designers.

Examples of his engaging content include donning a traditional outfit and jewellery from Anmol Jewellers at the JewelBuzz Iconic Awards 2023, where he was honoured as the Influencer of the Year. In another instance, Siddharth wore a pink lehenga and jewellery from Tanishq at his friend’s wedding in 2023.


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Aanal Savaliya – She is a professional makeup artist and the founder of Orange Salon. She not only showcases her expertise in makeup but also ensures her clients are ready to shine. Specialising in bridal makeup, she skillfully prepares brides for their special day. Aanal, with her 270K followers, shares content covering a wide range of topics, including makeup, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She tags the account of featured jewellery in her captions.


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Ishani Dave – She is a well-known singer, performer and full-time musician with 255k followers. In addition to her musical pursuits, she regularly shares content on Instagram. featuring glimpses of her performances and personal moments. Her posts include a variety of topics including music, fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle. One notable collaboration involves her partnership with Malabar Gold and Diamonds, where she showcased their Diwali offers on jewellery. This collaboration extends her influence into the areas of fashion and lifestyle. With a diverse range of content, from behind-the-scenes looks at her shows to insights into her personal style, she has created a diverse online presence that resonates with her followers.


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Preeta Agarwal – A prominent jewellery influencer in India with 81.6k followers. She is not just an influencer but also a jewellery specialist, stylist and consultant. Adding to her portfolio she is the founder of Preeta Agrawal Workroom, a platform offering various services in the world of fine jewellery. She uses popular hashtags to push the content. Some hashtags she uses are #preetagrawal #jewellery #jewelleryblogger and #jewellerybooks. The tone of Preeta’s content is professional, informative and passionate. As the account owner, she generously shares her knowledge and experience in the jewellery industry. Preeta’s followers engage and respond to her content positively.


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Hirva Mehta – She is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger with an impressive following of 31.6k. Her account uses a variety of hashtags and engaging captions to attract more attention and reach new audiences. Among her most popular hashtags is #blogft.hirva, #fashion, #beauty and #lifestyle. She wears jewellery

Arundhati De Sheth – Ever heard of a jewellery consultant? Well, Arundhanti is breaking the mould with her unique role, in a world where people are focused on looking and feeling their best. Her 17.8k followers turn to her for her advice. Arundhati assists individuals in choosing the perfect jewellery. She also addresses common questions about jewellery in her posts. Want recommendations? She’s got you covered – Arundhati suggests various jewellery accounts and tags them in her captions for her followers. Beyond being a prominent jewellery influencer in India, Arundhati’s account is a delightful mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle content. Her most celebrated post, raking in 1.1 thousand likes and 36 comments, features Arundhati donning a traditional outfit and jewellery.

Simran Butani – Step into the world of Simran Butani, where minimalism meets elegance. A distinguished fashion and lifestyle influencer with a following of 21.3k, Simran effortlessly pairs her photo backgrounds with her outfits for a truly aesthetic appeal. Being a jewellery blogger, Simran wears pieces from renowned brands, beautifully pairing them with her outfits and endorsing the whole look. Beyond the realm of jewellery, she is a professional actor and model.


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A post shared by SIMRAN BUTANI 🧿 (@simranbutani)

Connect with the Right Jewellery Influencers for Your Brand

As a jewellery business owner Incorporating influencer collaborations into your marketing strategy is a must. Consider consulting an expert digital marketing agency for jewellery that can guide you in crafting a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including influencer collaborations that align with your brand’s values.

Look no further! We’re a social media marketing company ready to assist you with social media management, photoshoots, branding and influencer marketing for your jewellery brand. We develop and execute influencer marketing campaigns, tailored to reach your target audience and elevate your brand. To get in touch, drop us an email at hello@florafountain.com. Let’s make your jewellery brand shine!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get influencers to wear your jewellery by finding and reaching out to those who match your brand’s style, niche, and audience. You can offer them free products, discounts, commissions, or other incentives in exchange for promoting your jewellery on their social media platforms
A micro-influencer is a social media user who has between 1,000 and 40,000 followers and is considered an expert or enthusiast in a specific topic or niche. They have a loyal and engaged audience that trusts their opinions and recommendations
Jewellery influencers get collaborations by creating high-quality and relevant content that showcases their personal style and attracts brands that align with their values and aesthetics. They can also network with other influencers, join influencer platforms, get connected through a social media agency or pitch directly to brands that they want to work with

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