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Top 10 Influencers in Surat

Collage of influencers in Surat

Ever scrolled through Instagram and felt inspired by the amazing things people are creating and sharing? Well, guess what? Surat is brimming with its own talented Surat influencers making waves on social media.

So, whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration, travel tips or a good laugh, this list is your one-stop shop! Buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the world of influencer marketing in Surat.

Table of contents

  1. Rohit Zinjurke
  2. Dj Ricky
  3. I am Surat city
  4. Paru and Garu
  5. Siddhi Mehta
  6. Manish Vaghasiya
  7. Vishakha
  8. Suraj Bhoi
  9. Tejas Rana
  10. Rj Roshan
  11. In Conclusion
  12. Frequently Asked Questions

Top Influencers in Surat

1. Rohit Zinjurke

He is a professional content creator and influencer from Surat. He has 27.5 million followers on Instagram and founder of ziro9 official. The one term that describes his style is “unique.” His sense of style is out of the ordinary. He has a bold, fearless sense of style. He has additionally appeared in song music videos. He is well-known for his humorous and romantic videos. His comedy, dance videos and lip-syncs are also well-liked by his audience. You will notice how effortlessly Rohit makes fashion appear like something that everyone can accomplish when you browse through his account. He frequently shares photos of himself wearing creative outfits. Furthermore, he shares content derived from his trip experiences. He has collaborated with Jio Cinema and YouTube.

Rohit is a potential influencer for brands in Surat that sell men’s fashion products to young people.

2. DJ Ricky

Calling all party buffs! The epitome of Surat’s nightlife is DJ Ricky. He has 612k Instagram followers. His Instagram account is a colourful mix of throbbing beats, thrilling live performances and sneak peeks at his next concerts. If you’re trying to find ideas for your upcoming event or night out. Get ready to experience the energy and excitement of Surat’s nightlife through DJ Ricky’s lens.

3. I am Surat City

Put off generic travel pamphlets! Your one-stop shop for discovering Surat’s colourful spirit and hidden jewels is this unique Instagram page. They’ll take you on a visual tour of the city’s rich culture, highlighting its historical sites, delicious street cuisine and the spirit of its many neighbourhoods. Get ready to discover Surat afresh or fall in love with the city you already know and love.

Cafes, restaurants and local shops, as well as event planners in Surat, have the opportunity to collaborate with this page and advertise their products or services. They can do so by directly contacting the page via DM or by reaching out to them through a digital marketing agency in Surat.

4. Paru and Garu

Meet one of Surat’s most stylish Gujarati influencer couples. Yogesh and Parul have 494k followers! After making hilarious couple videos during the lockdown, they became the go-to influencers in Surat and the neighbouring areas. If you look through their feed, you’ll see that they are frequently approached to provide their approval for different things at cafes, resorts, and even mobile showrooms.

Therefore, these people are great whether you’re a local Surat brand that deals in jewels, hotels, or fast-moving consumer goods! Work together to establish a connection with the community and turn your brand into the buzz of the town!

5. Siddhi Mehta

Known by the username “thedreamctchr” on Instagram, she is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer from Surat. With an impressive follower count of 248k, she has successfully collaborated with renowned brands such as Nikon, MAC, Lakme and Garnier. Fashion and lifestyle brands based in Surat would undoubtedly benefit from approaching her to advertise their products. It’s noteworthy that her content is versatile, catering to audiences in Hindi, English and Gujarati.

6. Manish Vaghasiya

He is a transformation coach, inspirational speaker, trainer, and consultant in Surat. With an impressive following of 138k, he regularly posts reels of himself speaking at seminars, delivering impactful lectures on life and studies to students. Additionally, he keeps his audience informed about upcoming seminars and events. Educational institutions, including schools, colleges and coaching centres in Surat that aim to connect with the local audience, particularly parents, can explore collaboration opportunities with Manish.

7. Vishakha

Laughter is the best medicine and Vishakha is here to deliver the dose! With 102k followers, she effortlessly brings joy through her hilarious skits, witty observations and relatable content, specifically centred around Surati moms and Surati family instances, all presented in the local Surati language. She has also been awarded Surat’s Best Mega Influencer.

Local Surat brands now have the opportunity to collaborate with her through an influencer marketing agency, leveraging her platform to advertise their products or services. By presenting content in the local Surati language and infusing a dose of laughter, businesses can make their brand relatable to the audience, connecting with them on a more personal and entertaining level.

8. Suraj Bhoi

He is a unique influencer, he doesn’t wear fancy clothes or accessories for shooting his videos. He is simple yet confident in what he does. He makes content with his friends and local shops in Surat. He has 86.1k followers means he is loved by his audience. His content is a mix of hilarious and motivational content.

9. Tejas Rana

If you want to update your wardrobe with some unconventional takeaways, you should check out Tejas Rana’s account. His captivating feed sustains your interest. Follow him for some killer street-style looks and styling advice that will inspire you to start experimenting with your wardrobe immediately. Having 76.6k Instagram followers, his page features a minimalistic yet distinctive aesthetic. You will be impressed with the collection of take-aways that he has chosen. You should check out this new Instagram account, which will provide you with some major style inspiration. His preference lies in street fashion. He always makes sure that the content he creates is unique from what other people are creating.

10. Rj Roshan

He proves that quality matters over quantity, boasting 18.1k followers, which is comparatively less than other influencers from Surat. However, his content is unique and adored by his audience. In a recent reel, he discussed the importance of preserving the original taste of traditional foods in Surat through his own Gujarati Rap, earning unanimous agreement from his followers in the comments. In addition to this, he creates humorous reels, often featuring his colleagues on the radio and occasionally sharing snippets from his home.

In Conclusion

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool that can help businesses connect with their target audience authentically and engagingly. If you’re a business owner in Surat looking to tap into the power of social media, consider partnering with a digital marketing agency in Surat like ours. Contact us at hello@florafountain.com and we can help you develop a winning influencer marketing strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Partnering with influencers provides a unique opportunity to tap into their engaged audience, increasing your brand visibility and credibility within the local community.
Start by reaching out through their preferred platform, expressing genuine interest in their work and explaining how your business aligns with their content. Be prepared to negotiate terms such as compensation, content creation, and posting schedules. You can also partner with an influencer marketing agency in Surat if you hesitate to do it yourself.
Virtually any business can benefit! Whether you’re a restaurant, clothing store, or even a service-oriented business, there’s an influencer audience waiting to discover what you offer. The key is finding an influencer whose audience aligns with your target market.
Success metrics vary, but keep an eye on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as increased website traffic, growth in social media followers and, most importantly, an uptick in sales or inquiries. Additionally, track the engagement and sentiment generated by the influencer’s content to gauge its impact on your brand.

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