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Top 10 Influencers in Indore for 2024

A collage of top influencers from Indore

Indore, also called the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh, is a bustling city with loads of competition that can make it challenging for your business to become the talk of the town. Influencer marketing can change the game and luckily, Indore has its own base of homegrown influencers for every niche from fashion and lifestyle to sports and fitness to food and travel. What this means is no matter what industry your brand belongs to, there’s an Indori influencer out there who can get the city talking about it.

Here’s a list of influencers in Indore across various niches that are loved by the people. Read on!

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  1. Top 10 Influencers in Indore for 2024
  2. Concluding Thoughts
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 Influencers in Indore for 2024

1. Karishma Gangwal

Every city has that one RJ whose name almost becomes synonymous with the city itself. These are the RJs that embody the essence of the city and resonate with the people of the city. For Indore, this is none other than Karishma Gangwal, or, RJ Karishma as she is popularly referred to. Not just Indore, she’s well known across the country. She has 7.1 Million followers on Instagram. Her content is very relatable and resonates with people across age groups. If your brand wishes to collaborate with her, it’s always a great idea to discuss it with a digital marketing company. They have a large following and can provide a professional approach to collaboration.

2. Robin Jindal

Also known as Oye Indori, Robin is another influencer who is popular across India with 7.1 Million followers on Instagram. He creates funny reels on Instagram. His skits are usually absurd yet relatable. He uses quirky scenarios or characters to convey a relatable sentiment. Indore plays a big role in his online identity and brand. He’d be the ideal influencer to reach out to if the essence of Indore is at the core of your brand too.

3. Anmol Chouhan

With the username chotisiekladki on Instagram, Anmol has 559K followers. The uniqueness of her content lies in its authenticity and warmth, ranging from funny anecdotes to relatable posts. Occasionally, she shares dancing videos. Her content resonates not only with Indoris but also with people across India. Through her relatable posts, Anmol has built a community of like-minded individuals. Overall, Anmol Chouhan is an Instagram influencer worth following for relatable content on friends, family and relationships.

4. Indore Food Explorer

One of the basic elements that create a cultural identity is the food. Food connects people. Food sustains us. Therefore, what better way to connect to your audience than a Food Blogger? Collaborating with one of the top food influencers in Indore is a no-brainer if your brand belongs to the Food Service Industry. Indore Food Explorer has 328K followers on Instagram. Indore Food Explorer does literally what they say they do: exploring the city’s restaurants and flavours. These followers are always on the lookout for new and exciting places to eat.

5. Lakshya Archana Singh

He has become a role model for many with his food, fitness, and motivation videos. He serves as an inspiration for young boys, especially those in Indore who want to live a fit life and contribute to their families. His Instagram content includes brand collaboration reels, workout videos, and more. If your brand revolves around fitness or sports, he is the ideal choice.

6. Rohit Nagdeo

If your brand belongs to the men’s fashion domain or has a fun and relatable brand tone, Rohit Nagdeo is the guy for you. He provides men’s perspective on things like lifestyle, fashion and relationships. His content ranges from men’s fashion tips and tricks to humourous reels about relationships too. He embodies the urban male youth of Indore which is also his primary follower-base. He has 132K followers on Instagram.

7. Neetika Ligga

On Instagram, she’s known as FoodNama. As her Instagram Name suggests Nikita Ligga is a travel and food influencer. She explores restaurants, temples and other visit-worthy places in Madhya Pradesh. She has 129K Followers on Instagram. She’s the ideal person to collaborate with if your brand belongs to the hospitality industry.

8. Harsh Solanki

Putting out content with great production quality, Harsh is an Indore-based influencer who talks about current affairs and social topics ranging from the political to artistic to business domains. He has 78.1K followers on Instagram. A great way to leverage a collaboration with him, for instance, can be talking about your CSR initiative.

9. Wajid Shaikh

If your brand tone is on the poetic side, let’s say, it talks about self-love, what better person to collaborate with than a poet? Wajid Shaikh is an Instagram poet with 323K followers and 67.1K followers on his two main accounts. Besides his work online, he has also published a book of poems called “Sukoon”.

10. Kshitija Wagh

If you’re looking for fashion influencers in Indore, reach out to Kshitija Wagh. She is a DJ with 14.1K followers on Instagram. Being a DJ, naturally, her audience is on the younger side. So, if your Indore-based business belongs anywhere in the realm of fashion, music and lifestyle, she’s the person to collaborate with. On her Instagram, she posts her performance videos, brand collaborations, fashion and beauty content.

Concluding Thoughts

So, there you have it. While these are some of the popular Indori influencers, there are loads more out there who may even be a better fit for your brand. Even if your next-door neighbour was a big influencer with a million followers, they may never appear on your Explore page. Thanks to the social media algorithm which locks everybody in online bubbles, it can be a challenging and time-consuming task to identify niche influencers who are the best fit for your brand tone and campaign goals.

That’s where a social media marketing company comes in and saves you a tonne of hassle. Not just finding the best fit, they can help you with everything from designing and fine-tuning the influencer campaign strategy to managing the said influencer campaign and everything in between.

If you’re looking to collaborate with an influencer, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is drop a message at hello@florafountain.com and we’ll be super happy to help you with getting your brand’s name out there!

Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way to go about finding local influencers for collaboration is to get in touch with a digital marketing company which specialises in that very thing: connecting brands with the influencers who are the best fit.
While you can DM an influencer on Instagram and get a reply, different influencers prefer different channels of communication, sometimes through a manager. Collaborating with an agency can make communication and campaign management easier for you.
Collaborating with an influencer allows you to get the word out about your brand. It fosters brand credibility as well as increases visibility.

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