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The Importance of SMART Goals for Your Website’s Success

The Importance of SMART Goals for Your Website's Success

Planning to have a website for your business or redesigning your current site? Make sure you set S.M.A.R.T. goals for the website to be a success and give an additional boost to your business. A HubSpot research shows that 72% of business websites fail when they are made without a clear business objective for it.

Failing to plan, is planning for failure. Now, if you’re wondering what exactly are S.M.A.R.T. goals for a website, the marketing brains from Flora Fountain, the leading website design and development company in Ahmedabad have summed it up for you to make your lives a bit easier.

S.M.A.R.T. stands for setting Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely goals for anything you work on. And this applies even when you’re getting your website designed and developed by the best web design company in Ahmedabad or anywhere in the world.

So, what should your S.M.A.R.T. Goals for website success look like?

What do you want to achieve? (Being SPECIFIC)

Set a quantifiable business goal for your website and make sure it has some value attached to it. For instance, it could be increasing the number of leads for your business by 20%, or improving the sales conversion rate by 15%, etc.

How do you measure this growth?

How do you measure this growth? (Make it MEASURABLE)

Create concrete criteria and methods for tracking progress toward each goal. Tracking qualified leads through CRM, tracking conversion rates through Google Analytics, and surveying customers before and after the website redesign, these are some of the activities you must do regularly.

How do you set realistically achieve them (Making it ATTAINABLE)

Compare your goals to your current numbers and determine whether they are realistically achievable. Plan on how you intend to achieve these objectives. It could be by engaging the target audience through more effective calls-to-action, driving traffic to the website through paid advertising and SEO services, providing more value through higher-quality product photos, videos, or website UX improvements to increase customer satisfaction.

Are they matching the needs of your business? (Making it RELEVANT)

Ask yourself why this goal is important for your company and how it will help you achieve your mission while meeting the needs of your stakeholders. It could be something like generating 20% more leads than last year in order to increase gross income, or increasing sales through the website in order to achieve your goal of increasing revenue by 10%, etc.

Are they matching the needs of your business?

When do you wish to get started and completed? (Being on TIME)

Set a timeframe for the goal. Establishing an end point gives you a clear target. The timeframe must also be attainable and realistic. How much time does it take for the design and development of the website to be completed and made live. The time taken by the SEO activity to bring the website up in the ranks and the turnaround time in converting the leads generated from the website.

Here are some tips from the experts from one of India’s top web development company

Involve every stakeholder early on

A successful website can turn your company around. It can boost sales, build awareness, enhance customer experience, reduce costs, improve workflow and help grow your company. Before setting website goals, it is important to get all the stakeholders in your business in a room, to learn more about their needs and how the website can aid them. These stakeholders could be your investors, department heads and even employees too.

At Flora Fountain, the leading website design and development company in Ahmedabad, every team members’ input is taken into consideration while designing and developing the website and while writing the website’s content too.

Learning from past successes and mistakes

If you are considering a redesign, you should first assess the performance of your current website. You can’t set realistic goals for the new website unless you know what your current website metrics are. Before you begin your website redesign project, you should assess how well your current website is performing in comparison to where you want to be. See if the downtime of your website is high or low, the quality of leads received were good or bad, if the content in it is SEO-rich or not, etc.

What makes Flora Fountain rank as the best web design company in Ahmedabad, is that we regularly run a quality analysis from every aspect on our website and our client’s website, to ensure no potential client turns away or worse, doesn’t find us on the search engine results pages.

Learning from past successes and mistakes

Make achievable goals

Another common mistake is to set irrelevant or unattainable goals for the website. Increasing website traffic is generally regarded as a positive trend, but does this traffic translate into more leads? It is determined by whether you are attracting and engaging the appropriate audience. More leads may not be worth anything if they are not qualified or do not represent potential customers. More page views and longer visits are usually a good thing, but what if your visitors are having difficulty finding the information they are looking for? What appears to be high engagement may indicate issues with your website’s navigation or content. Every situation is unique, but it is critical to select goals that directly lead to business success.

Set your website objectives today and you’ll be on your way towards success with a digital platform for your business that meets your expectations to the T. Or get the experts at Flora Fountain to get cracking by helping you build your S.M.A.R.T. goals for a great website. To get started, explore our digital agency’s services or just give us a call on +91 95580 79502.

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