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How To Know If Your SEO Is Working And What To Do If It’s Not?

A blindfolded person reaching out towards a target labelled ‘SEO Success’, illustrating the challenge of achieving SEO goals without proper guidance.

You were pumped up and keen to go when you launched your business website, diving into the world of SEO. Ready with tips and tricks, you found online. But as time went by, your excitement turned into confusion. Where were all the leads? Why wasn’t your phone ringing off the hook? Maybe it’s time to ask yourself is the SEO working.

It’s like being back in school. Remember those criteria for passing or failing? Well, guess what? SEO has its own set of rules, and they’re called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These little metrics are like your report card—they tell you whether you’re acing it or struggling in the digital world.

In this blog, I’m here to demystify the world of SEO KPIs and show you how to track your website’s performance. Let’s dive in and uncover the secrets of successful SEO together!

Table of Contents

  1. 4 Signs Your SEO Is Working
  2. 4 Things You Should Do If Your SEO is Not Working
  3. Collaborate with an SEO Agency
  4. Conclusion
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

4 Signs Your SEO Is Working

Here’s the thing – SEO isn’t a one-time fix. It’s more like a needy houseplant that needs constant watering and sunlight. If you haven’t been keeping an eye on your SEO results, you might not even realise your once-bustling online presence is starting to look a bit withered.

But fear not! Some positive signs show your efforts are paying off. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

1. Impressive keyword rankings

This is the important and most relevant metric for your SEO success. SEO is a dynamic field, subject to fluctuations with each algorithm update. Yet, a consistent climb in rankings across relevant keywords is a strong indicator of effective SEO. Ideally, aim for the top 10 of the first search results page for industry keywords like ours, “digital marketing Agency in Ahmedabad.”

A person hitting a target with a target bud and phone with Instagram opened it

It’s not essential to secure the top spot, but being on the first page is crucial. For local businesses, prioritise growth within your target geographic area. Leverage tools such as Google My Business listings and localised content to enhance your local search presence.

2. Backlinks that exude authority

Not all backlinks are created equal. Focus on acquiring backlinks from high-authority, relevant websites in your industry. These links carry more weight with search engines. A natural backlink profile includes links from various sources like news sites, industry blogs and educational resources. This demonstrates organic growth in your website’s credibility.

3. Growth of organic traffic

Look beyond overall organic traffic. Track specific landing pages that target high-intent keywords. Maybe a specific service page such as social media marketing or a video editing page. A significant rise in traffic to these pages indicates you are attracting the right audience searching for the solutions you offer. Celebrate ranking for long-tail keywords with higher conversion rates. These searches often represent users further along the buying journey.

4. Decreased bounce rate

Pay attention to the average number of pages viewed per session. An increase suggests visitors are finding your content valuable and exploring further. Analyse bounce rates for organic traffic specifically. A significant decrease indicates your SEO efforts are attracting the right audience who stay engaged.

Hey, no need to worry if you feel like your SEO isn’t quite hitting the mark and you’re not ticking all the boxes. Right below, I have laid out 4 Things you should do if you feel your SEO isn’t working.

4 Things You Should Do If Your SEO is Not Working

A person hitting a target with a target bud and phone with Instagram opened it

Conduct a technical SEO audit

  • Crawl your website: Tools like Google Search Console or SEMrush can crawl your website and identify technical issues that hinder search engines from properly indexing your site. This could include broken links, slow page loading speeds or mobile-friendliness issues.
  • Check Your Site Structure: A well-organised website structure with clear internal linking helps search engines understand your content hierarchy and navigate your site efficiently.

Analyse your content strategy

  • Revisit Keyword Research: Ensure you are targeting relevant keywords with search volume that aligns with your content strategy. Consider long-tail keywords with lower competition but higher conversion potential.
  • Content Audit: Are you creating high-quality, informative content that solves user problems and keeps them engaged? Analyse your existing content for relevancy, freshness and comprehensiveness.

Evaluate backlink profile

  • Identify Backlink Quality: Not all backlinks are helpful. Remove low-quality backlinks from spammy websites that can hurt your SEO.
  • Build High-Quality Backlinks: Focus on acquiring backlinks from reputable websites in your niche. Create link-worthy content that others will want to reference.

Stay up-to-date with SEO trends

  • Algorithm Updates: Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving. Stay informed about the latest SEO best practices and algorithm updates to ensure your website remains compliant.
  • Focus on User Experience: Prioritise a positive user experience (UX) on your website. Search engines favour websites that offer a smooth and engaging user journey.

Collaborate with an SEO Agency

Here’s how a top-notch SEO agency (like our awesome SEO company in Ahmedabad ) can be your secret weapon. Think of them as a team of SEO experts who can decode the mysterious language of search engines and work their magic to boost your website’s ranking.

Here’s why an SEO agency might be just what you need:

1. They speak SEO fluently

Say goodbye to confusing jargon and technical details. They will break down SEO concepts into plain English, so you know exactly what’s happening.

2. They have the tools and expertise

SEO agencies have access to advanced tools that can analyse your website in ways you couldn’t do alone.

3. They stay ahead of the game

SEO is always changing, but these pros are always on top of the latest updates and trends.

3. They stay ahead of the game

SEO is always changing, but these pros are always on top of the latest updates and trends.

4. They free up your time

Running a business is a full-time gig! Let the SEO experts handle website optimisation while you focus on growing your business and serving your customers.


Ready to turn your website into a thriving online marketplace? Then it’s time to forget the DIY approach and utilise the skills of an SEO professional. Contact our digital marketing company in Ahmedabad today! Our SEO team is passionate about helping businesses like yours achieve online dominance. E-mail us at hello@florafountain.com. Let’s chat about your website’s potential and craft a customised SEO strategy that gets results.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO is a long-term improvement. While you might see small improvements within weeks, significant results can take 3-6 months to become noticeable. This timeframe depends on competition, website health and SEO strategy.
Declining organic traffic, dropping keyword rankings and poor user engagement metrics are red flags that suggest your SEO efforts may not yield the desired results.
Review your keyword selection, on-page optimisation, and backlink profile. Adjust your strategy based on insights from analytics tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
Hiring an SEO agency can be a great option if you lack the time, expertise or resources to manage your SEO strategy in-house. They can conduct a thorough SEO audit, identify areas for improvement and implement a customised plan to achieve your goals.

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