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How Jordar Gujarati Copies in Social Media Marketing Work for Gujarati Audience

With 56.4 million speakers, Gujarati is India’s 6th most spoken language and the official language of Gujarat. Now, why does this matter for your business? કારણકે ગુજ્જુઓ સાથે તેમની ભાષામાં વાત કરવાથી તેમને મજા આવે છે અને એ લોકો તમારા ધંધા જોડે લાગણી અનુભવે છે And if you’re rocking a business in Gujarat, it’s 100 times more crucial to talk in their language.

In this blog, know why Gujarati copies are necessary for social media marketing, discover some brand examples who have mastered Gujarati copywriting and get tips on writing copies that truly click with Gujarati audiences.

A table showing stats of most spoken languages
Use the local language to create familiarity for consumers.

Table of contents

  1. Using Social Media for Local Marketing – 5 Main Benefits
  2. 7 Awesome Examples of Gujarati Copies
  3. How to Write Gujarati Copies – 10 Tips
  4. 4 Jordar Gujarati Copies by Flora Fountain
  5. In Conclusion
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

Using Social Media for Local Marketing – 5 Main Benefits

Without question, businesses are becoming increasingly localised when they are online. A HubSpot survey found that 24% of consumers already search for brands on social media platforms more often than through a search engine. This shoots up to 36% among Gen Z.

Since everyone on social media may be found based on their interests and activities, social media marketing can be a useful and reasonably low-cost way to increase your business in Gujarat. These 6 advantages come with social media marketing in Gujarat.

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Establish authority in your area

In today’s technology-driven world, consumers are smarter than ever. With a wealth of information at their fingertips, consumers can easily evaluate a business and its products. Furthermore, the vast majority of consumers check other businesses before making a purchase. This presents a great opportunity to establish your authority in the area. Through social media marketing tell your customers why and how your business offers a premium experience in Gujarat compared to competitors.

Building connections with offline customers through social media

Your audience will always be split between online and offline. This is where your brand can face challenges with customers who constantly use your products but are not part of your social media community. Social media marketing helps you bridge this gap. Your online activity will keep you connected with users who are consuming your products/services offline; helping you grow your online presence by leaving positive reviews and connecting your business to a specific location.

Add new customers in your area

Being present online opens up an opportunity to reach a wider audience. Through online activities, you can reach prospective customers and there are high chances of them becoming your customers. These customers can then share positive reviews about your products and might also recommend them to their family and friends.

Increased sales

The best thing about marketing on social media is that you can be creative with your content. You have various types of content to choose from to promote. The more visible your account is in the eyes of people and the more people engage, the higher the chances of them buying your products/services.

Helps understand your target audience better

Engaging with your local community on social media provides your business an ample opportunity to further understand your target audience. Getting feedback about your business – in all forms – (through reviews, testimonials, comments and likes) will help you improve your daily operations and better meet the needs of your customers. This practice itself establishes a feeling of value in your customers, showing how much you value their feedback and opinions on your products.

Improves your customer service

Customers have choices, and you can’t afford to make any mistakes when it comes to providing excellent customer service. Fortunately, local social media is an excellent tool for exceeding your customer’s expectations. However, you must constantly keep an eye on your social media accounts for chances to showcase how dedicated you are to providing excellent customer service.

7 Awesome Examples of Gujarati Copies


The Gotilo song by Gujarati singer Aditya Gadhvi has gone viral and brands have started using the word “gotilo” (means find) creatively in their social media copies. Shree Sidhi Group, a real estate brand, is one such company that followed this trend. They incorporated the word Gotilo in their advertisement, urging people to “Go find (Gotilo),” emphasising that you won’t find as much space elsewhere as their buildings provide.


Another post by Madhvi features ઉખાણું, a riddle question with a rhyme in Gujarati. The dairy created two engaging riddles in Gujarati, loosely translated as Madhvi posing the question about identifying winter foods. The comments show that people enthusiastically responded to the riddles.


AB Jewels is a renowned jewellery brand in Ahmedabad that offers a variety of jewellery. In this post, they have talked about their bridal collection without directly showcasing any jewellery. By just using effective Gujarati copy, they delved into the emotions and memories associated with the bride’s special day. Their copy translates to “An extraordinary decoration for unforgettable moments”.


In another post, AB Jewels highlighted Dhanteras, an auspicious festival during Diwali when Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped for health and prosperity. The copy by AB Jewels is concise yet impactful and relevant to the festival. The design and fonts are minimal, adding an elegant touch. The copy translates to “Worship of Goddess Lakshmi and the arrival of prosperity”.


Satvam is a brand that sells food masala and instant mixes. They’ve launched a campaign called “એ વળી શું” (meaning “What is that?”). This post is part of that campaign, featuring a surprised lady with packets of masala in the background. The caption translates to “the season of masala, what is that?” Through this message, the brand aims to convey that there’s no need to store masalas for the whole year when you can buy them as needed. They highlight the tradition in Gujarat where women typically purchase masalas for the entire year and store them. The post captures this tradition and emphasises the convenience of buying through Gujarati copy.


Divya Bhaskar is a Gujarati newspaper known for its witty headlines and humorous approach to news. With the rise of digital media, they’ve expanded their presence online. One of their interesting section on Instagram is called “પારકી પંચાત” (Gossip). In this section, they discuss news that may be unrelated, not very significant or not widely covered. The clever use of the term reflects people’s keen interest in gossip, even if it’s minor or doesn’t impact them much. The content is both amusing and creative.


Gujaratis are known for their positivity and lightheartedness. Even in the toughest situations, they often say to others, ‘અરે બકા, ચિંતા ના કર થઇ જશે’ (Don’t worry, everything will be okay). Keeping in mind the positive nature of Gujaratis, Shivalik Sharda has made this creative that portrays the dilemma of a couple aiming for a peaceful home for their elderly parents. In a friendly Gujarati tone, Shivalik Sharda has crafted a copy that translates to, ‘Peaceful home for mom and dad? It will be done.

A table showing stats of most spoken languages

How to Write Gujarati Copies – 10 Tips

Jordar Gujarati copies are catchy and humorous, aiming to attract and engage the Gujarati audience on social media platforms. However, people often make mistakes in Gujarati copywriting leading to changes in the message’s meaning. Here are some tips to help you write effective Gujarati copies:

Understand common phrases

Familiarise yourself with common phrases spoken by Gujarati people and incorporate them in your copywriting. Examples include: હા મોજ હા, જો બકા, કેમ પાર્ટી, બસ ફર્સ્ટ ક્લાસ, એ હાલો.

Pay attention to grammar and spelling

Learn Gujarati vocabulary to avoid intentional changes in the meaning due to a misplaced word.

Respect the cultural sentiments

Be mindful when writing about any religious or auspicious festivals, respecting the cultural sentiments of your audience.

3 essential elements

Ensure your Gujarati content writing is મનોરંજક, મૈત્રીપૂર્ણ અને સ્થાનિક ભાષા (entertaining, friendly and has local lingo).

Use compatible fonts

To write Gujarati copies, use a Unicode font that supports the Gujarati script, such as Shruti, Noto Sans Gujarati or Lohit Gujarati.

Use short sentences, active voice and simple grammar

You can use tools like Copyleaks to check your copy for plagiarism, spelling and grammar errors. You can also use online dictionaries or translators to find the correct Gujarati words or phrases for your copy.

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Use emojis or GIFs to express your tone and mood
Use local references and culture

You can use names, places, events, festivals, food, music, movies or celebrities that are popular or relevant in Gujarat.

Use call-to-action (CTA) words

Use phrases that create a sense of scarcity or limited time, such as આજે (today), હવે (now), છેલ્લો દિવસ (last day), માત્ર (only) etc.

Use formatting and layout

To make your copy more readable and scannable, you can use formatting and layout that organise and highlight your text and visuals. You can also use bold, italic, underline or colour to emphasise your keywords or phrases.

4 Jordar Gujarati Copies by Flora Fountain

Flora Fountain stands out as a leading digital agency in Gujarat. Comprising a team of creative individuals, they are dedicated to delivering customised digital solutions to their clients. Flora Fountain has successfully created impactful and intelligent social media copies in Gujarat for brands seeking to engage with their local audience. Let’s explore some of the remarkable work produced by Flora.


Shilpa Lifestyle, a premium jewellery brand in Rajkot, hosts an annual event known as the Shilpa Bridal Week. During this special occasion, they organise a contest to choose 10 lucky brides. These selected brides are then granted the opportunity to visit the Shilpa Lifestyle showroom along with their family and relatives. They can purchase their wedding jewellery, avail the services of a professional makeup artist, and experience the complete bridal ambience within the showroom. In this post, we highlight the story of one such Shilpa bride. The emotions of the bride are eloquently portrayed through storytelling in the Gujarati caption


A wonderfully traditional and heartfelt Gujarati copy crafted for Mohit Chimanlal Jewellers. The jewellery brand aims to exude sophistication while staying true to its roots and connecting with its audience in its language. Flora wrote this exquisite copy and also designed the creative to give it an added touch.


Kamaii is a homemade food brand that delivers homemade goodness in Ahmedabad, Baroda, and Surat. In this post, they aim to connect with you by sharing heartwarming dialogues spoken by Gujarati grandfathers during winter. The copy translates to “kids, keep your ears covered in winter”. The copy is sweet, relatable and warm— a touch different from the brand’s usual style, showcasing their creativity.


Another copy that Flora created for Kamaii was specifically for Ganesh Chaturthi. Knowing that Lord Ganesha enjoys laddu, a Gujarati copy has been crafted, expressing devotion with the words “Hail Lord Ganpati” and the suggestion to crumble ghee-laden ladoos. The caption subtly promotes the sale of homemade bulk orders for Prasad without being too pushy.

In Conclusion

By now, it should be apparent how helpful local social media marketing can truly be. As a business owner, you no doubt have lots of things on your plate and in that case hiring a professional digital marketing agency in Gujarat to manage your local social media marketing is the best choice.

Employing a team of experts will maximise your chances for success, and it will give you the bandwidth to focus on other important matters of your business! To get started, reach out to us at hello@florafountain.com to be that business that a lot of locals like on their feed, and more of them will follow.

Frequently Asked Question

The choice of social media platforms depends on the type, size and goals of the business, as well as the preferences and behaviour of the audience. However, some of the most popular and effective social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.
If you have a great command of the language, you certainly can. However, it’s always advisable to get it done by experts to avoid any errors in writing that might hurt people’s sentiments unintentionally.
Gujarati copy resonates with the cultural and emotional aspects of the Gujarati audience. It also helps to create a unique brand identity and voice, which can differentiate the brand from the competitors. Jordar Gujarati Copy can also increase the reach and virality of social media posts, as the audience is more likely to share and comment on them.

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