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How FMCG Brands Can Reach Gen Z Through Digital Marketing

GenZ marketing for FMCG industry

India has the largest Gen Z population in the world says Suresh Narayan, MD of Nestle India. This emphasises the significant market Gen Z represents for FMCG brands. However, the question is how brands can effectively engage and target this demographic in their digital marketing.

While many brands are well-acquainted with millennials and their buying behaviours, the same attention isn’t always given to Gen Z. Some may even question their influence as decision-makers in the household.

Curious to learn more? Find all the answers and solutions in this blog post.

Table of contents

  1. What is Generation Z?
  2. 5 Strategies for FMCG Brands to Reach Gen Z
  3. Why Target Gen Z and Not Millenials?
  4. Are Gen Z Hard to Market?
  5. In Conclusion
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

What is Generation Z?

Generation Zoomers, or Gen Z for short, are individuals born between 1997 and 2012. The generation, after Gen Z, is known as Generation Alpha.

Gen Z is inherently digital, growing up with digital devices and gadgets. From childhood, they have navigated the online world, using the internet, mobile phones, social networks, and even engaging in online shopping. Notably, they stand out as the most educated generation to date.

5 Strategies for FMCG Brands to Reach Gen Z

Simple.. First, understand your ideal customer, not the target customer but the ideal customer. You need to put in the effort to truly comprehend your target person step into their shoes and understand them on a deeper level. Check out our blog to learn how you can refine your target persona.

Build connections – Gen Z loves them

Gen Z thrives on online connections and your brand can be the bridge. If you are in the FMCG tea business, create a vibrant community of tea lovers. Share content tailored for them, fostering engagement and sharing among tea enthusiasts.

Don’t forget to add an element of fun. Utilise bloopers, behind-the-scenes videos, interviews with staff and anything that can help foster a human connection. If you are seeking inspiration for crafting amusing posts, explore our latest blog.

Check out how Cadbury 5 star does it

TRUTH over the brand’s big name

Gen Z prefers and values authentic brands that exude authenticity and credibility. They don’t care about how big or small your brand is. They want to invest in and know about the people and values behind the brand. According to Ypulse research, Coca-Cola has a factor of authenticity that Gen Z values. It has nailed the art of connecting with young consumers by blending creative marketing partnerships and sticking to a solid brand image. Consider their music-focused marketing campaigns. Remember the hype surrounding ‘Khalasi‘ from Coke Studio? People went crazy making videos for it. This showcases Coca-Cola’s dedication to staying faithful to its values and mission of refreshing the world and making a difference. It’s not just about their brand; it also vibes with the values of Gen Z.

A laptop opened, and a college.d
The comments speak volumes about the song.
Is your content cringe?

Cringe is used when something is so embarrassing, awkward, etc. as to cause one to cringe: a cringeworthy moment, comment or post. There is a fine line between humour and cringe. Check, is your brand posting humorous content or cringe? Difficult to understand the difference between them? Work with a Digital Marketing Agency. They stop you from doing the wrong thing that might put your brand in trouble and do the right thing for your brand.

For example, see this post from Swiggy. Doesn’t it look cringe? Check their comments and see for yourself how people reacted to it.

Do you live in Delulu? Or have found Solulu?

Did you do a Google search to find the meaning of these terms? If yes, then Moye Moye. it means you are not aware of the Gen Z lingo, and if you are targeting them, you MUST know the meaning of these terms so you can use them in your copies, captions or creatives. Gen Z loves brands that use these terms and join in their level of humour. It makes them feel relatable to the brand.

Memes with animal images? It’s FUNN.

The most IMPORTANT factor to consider when crafting your digital marketing strategy for Gen Z is their short attention span. They prefer concise content. So, using meme templates or employing a funny animal page with a humorous one-liner is the easy way to do it. Zomato has built a brand and persona using clever one-liners and amusing food-related memes, helping it engage with its intended audience.

See how they do it:

Why Target Gen Z and Not Millenials?

They are easily reachable

Social media is the easiest and most accessible platform for FMCG brands to reach Gen Z. According to a survey, 54% of Gen Z spend at least 4 hours daily on social media.

Gen Z loves trying new products

Zoomers are 20% more likely to try a new product than any other generation. So if you are launching new products or recreating old ones, focus on reaching Gen Z and holding onto them as customers.

They are approaching adulthood

As Gen Z gets closer to maturity, they are developing preferences and habits that last a lifetime. This critical moment presents a fantastic chance for FMCG brands to play a major role in establishing their product as a go-to in their life.

They have the influencing power

Gen Z doesn’t just consume content; they create and influence it. If they see some cool post or product on social media they will share it with their friends and their groups. And even show it to their parents. This presents an opportunity for FMCG brands to reach and connect with a wider audience. Acknowledge their power as tastemakers and co-creators in shaping trends.

Are Gen Z Hard to Market?

Not really. In reality, they are straightforward and no-nonsense individuals. When brands discuss topics that resonate with them, a genuine connection is formed.

According to McKinsey’s research, the primary motivation for this generation is the pursuit of truth. Once marketers grasp that Gen Z is comfortable with seeking and cross-referencing information to find the truth, they will know how to tailor content to reach them.

In conclusion

Marketing to Generation Z isn’t as complicated or mysterious as it may seem. They are straightforward, and a wealth of data is available that tells about their preferences in marketing and spending. If you are planning to target or are already targeting Gen Z in Gujarat or India, contact us. We are a Digital Marketing Agency for FMCG, specialising in managing all your digital marketing activities. Contact us at hello@florafountain.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gen Z is searching for real, interesting content that puts enjoyment ahead of sales. They are searching for pieces that challenge what is expected from brands and standards set by companies and creators.
The views of actual people are more likely to be trusted by Gen Zers and hence Influencers who portray themselves as trustworthy providers of product information are seen favourably by them.
Gen Z looks for fair labour practices, diversity and sustainability in brands, and they expect brands to be social change agents.

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