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#GharWaliChai Campaign by Flora Fountain: Brewing Tales of Tea and Tradition

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As the clock struck 9:00 in the morning, the aroma of freshly made Wagh Bakri tea filled the air in the conference room at Wagh Bakri’s office. The team gathered to discuss and strategise the company’s growth plans. As the tea was served, they sipped and brainstormed, united by a common goal – to infuse the company’s digital presence with the same emotional connection found in every teacup they offer, staying true to their tagline, “Hamesha rishtey banaye.”

Amidst the sips of tea, the discussion revolved around leveraging digital platforms to build this meaningful connection. As we go on this nostalgic journey, let’s see how Wagh Bakri partnered with Flora Fountain to elevate its digital presence.

Table of contents

  1. Selecting the Right Agency
  2. Research & Planning by Flora Fountain
  3. Birth of #GharWaliChai
  4. Background of the campaign
  5. Crafting the Warmth
  6. From Vision to Reality
  7. Results and Impacts
  8. Lessons Learned
  9. A Sip of New Beginnings – Conclusion
  10. Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting the Right Agency: How It All Started

For more than a century, Wagh Bakri has earned a cherished place in almost every Indian household, anchored by its three T’s – Trust, Tradition and Taste. Having a rich legacy and brand reputation, selecting the right digital marketing company in Ahmedabad held significant importance for Wagh Bakri to accomplish its goals and aspirations.

In their search for a digital partner, Wagh Bakri looked for an agency that matched its values. Just as selecting the right tea leaves is important to brew a delightful cup, choosing the right agency was paramount. Wagh Bakri’s requirements for a digital agency were clear. The agency had to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Experience and expertise
  • Reputation and reviews
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Communication and accessibility
  • Long-term vision

After thorough market research, Wagh Bakri discovered Flora Fountain, led by the content master, Shefali Pandey, and the branding expert, Vasim Samadji. Not only did we check all the above boxes but also held eight years of rich experience working with FMCG brands. With a passionate team of content writers, designers, social media managers, tech experts and SEO wizards, we seemed like the perfect blend for Wagh Bakri’s digital ambitions.

Research & Planning by Flora Fountain

Once onboarded, our first step was – research and planning. Like steeping leaves in hot water infuses their flavour over time to craft the perfect blend, research carefully infuses knowledge and insights to make informed decisions. Working as a digital marketing agency for an FMCG brand like Wagh Bakri, we dedicated significant time to research and understanding Wagh Bakri’s essence. We delved into the brand’s past advertisements, television commercials and product offerings.

The research revealed the following valuable insights about the brand:

Target Audience

We understood that the current audience of Wagh Bakri primarily comprised housewives over the age of 30, who were the key decision-makers. However, looking towards the future, we aimed to expand our target audience to include millennials and Gen Z. Geographically, our target audience was focused on tea-drinking individuals across Western India (specifically in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra ) and Kerala.

Brand Positioning

Wagh Bakri Tea isn’t just a brand in Gujarat it’s a living tradition and cherished habit for customers as per the study between the age group of 30 to 60. Our goal was to replicate the tea in the same way for the younger audiences in Gujarat and across other states.

Marketing Strategies

Wagh Bakri has a strong brand presence of 130 years. While it had a strong presence through traditional mediums like TV commercials, print ads and billboards, there was not a lot of digital buzz about them in 2022. We aimed to bridge this gap and build Wagh Bakri’s presence in the digital landscape.

Brand Voice and Tone

Just as the aroma of tea evokes the senses, Wagh Bakri’s voice and tone exude tradition, trustworthiness and nostalgia. We aimed to build a voice that was relatable and authentic and reflected the warmth of relationships and community.

Product Offerings

Wagh Bakri Tea offers a diverse range of products. From black tea and green tea to flavoured teas, instant tea premixes, tea bags, instant snacks and tea ware. Their product range is ever evolving to cater to changing consumer preferences, while still keeping tea as the main product.

Unique Selling Proposition

Wagh Bakri has a unique taste that people have grown up drinking. The orangish-red colour that Wagh Bakri imparts to your cup is a testament to the personal touch of the company’s directors. They taste each blend ensuring that their customers receive the best.

As a digital marketing agency, we already had the basics in place. Such as creating relatable and regular content, running contests, moment marketing and so on. This meant Wagh Bakri’s digital presence had already started to blossom. However, it was time to take a jump and launch the first digital-only campaign.

Birth of #GharWaliChai

Based on the research the pointers were ready on which we had to play. The Flora Fountain team gathered at the house of Shefali Pandey, one of the partners, for a brainstorming session.

Ideas were brewing, yet the elusive “wow” factor remained out of reach. Shefali Pandey’s mother, who had been quietly observing the team’s struggles, intervened with a warm smile, “Baccho kabse kaam kar rahe ho, thoda break le lo, mein tum sab ke liye garma garm chai banaakar laati hoon” (Children, you all are working for so long, Take a break Let me bring you some hot tea).

Four hands holding a cup of tea

The team gratefully accepted as the tea was sipped, and conversations were brewing.

Someone said, “This is exactly how I like my tea, strong and sweet”.

The other replied, “I like my tea with extra ginger and tea masala”,

A third person said, “He starts by boiling water and then adds a medley of ingredients, including mint leaves, ginger and tea leaves and surprisingly, he replaces sugar with jaggery”.

Vasim and Shefali were hearing this conversation and within this simple exchange, they found their eureka moment.

Vasim with his keen insights, expressed “Step into an Indian household, and the first thing they will ask for is chai. It’s not just a beverage; it’s a moment of connection, relaxation and family time, it’s consistent comfort”.

Shefali added “And each family member has their own way of making tea, adding a touch of uniqueness. Some prefer extra ginger, others mint and some opt for green tea for health reasons.”

Chai is a magical connector of homes and hearts. And yet each person has the version they like best. And so came the idea of celebrating the Ghar Wali Chai, simple, homely and yet different for every person.

Background of the Campaign

At Flora Fountain, we just don’t concoct campaigns, we blend captivating stories and that’s precisely what we did while crafting the #GharWaliChai campaign. As the campaign was going to revolve around the idea of different types of tea made by different family members, it was named #GharWaliChai.

While tapriwali chai may be the best at home, it hits the right flavour and conjures up all the comforts and all the memories.

An Indian family at a dining table, enjoying evening tea with conversations and smiles. The focus is on the teacups filled with fragrant orange milk tea

The Marketing Strategy

Based on the idea we devised a digital marketing strategy for the campaign that would resonate with the desired target audience of Wagh Bakri. A quick scroll through Wagh Bakri’s Instagram insights revealed who the audience should be.

Target audience of the campaign

By seeing the audience profiling, we realised that younger people between the ages of 22 to 50 were the desired audience for this campaign.

Deciding the Platform

As a social media marketing company, we keep an eye on current social media trends. The younger audience prefers video content, especially when it looks authentic and real. For example, we discovered that Instagram has a lot of reels on tea, shaayri and a fusion of the two, often known as chaayri, making it a perfect canvas to paint our campaign. We took to Instagram and Facebook, to create organic and real content. Our secret ingredient? Short reels that tugged the heart of viewers like the delicate pull of a tea bag.

Objective of the campaign

The objective was to celebrate tea and the emotions around it and the measure for its success was increased views, shares and saves.

Must-haves for the #GharWaliChai video

We believe in adding a special ingredient – that is personal touch. We approached GharWaliChai with the same philosophy. We had a list of some must-haves:

  • Vibe (the homely vibe): The videos had to emanate a homely vibe, enveloping the audience in warmth and comfort. They wanted to tell stories, not just showcase products.
  • Storytelling: A good story is key in capturing hearts, and we wanted to weave a story that resonated with the younger target masses precisely.
  • The Common man vibe: This campaign had to embrace the simplicity of everyday life, making it relatable to the common people – just like the brand’s current and future target audience.
  • Family involvement: Family members played a central role in these videos. This added an authentic touch to the narrative, celebrating family bonds.
  • Warmth: The video had to create a sense of cosiness and belonging, transporting the viewers to the heart of an Indian household.

Crafting the Warmth

To bring these heartwarming stories to life, we require a skilled videographer. With this vision in mind, We started looking online for a videographer who could effortlessly understand tea’s nuances and translate them onto the screen.

After research, we found Nihar Desai, a talented tea blogger who knew the art of infusing warmth and heart into his videos. Nihar and Flora Fountain together, moved one step towards creating #GharWaliChai.

However, the pandemic threw a curveball, hindering travel and direct collaboration. But that didn’t dampen our spirits. We did countless phone calls and Zoom meetings to ensure that Nihar understood the campaign’s heart and soul.

Attention to every tinge of flavour

While explaining the campaign to Nihar, we painted each scene with brushstrokes of authenticity.

  • Lighting: We insisted he shoot in dim lighting, to create the ambience of a cosy home, and the shadows played their part in adding authenticity to the scenes.
  • The Choice of Location: The location of the shoot has to be a simple house in Mumbai.
  • Choice of Actors: We thoughtfully chose non-professional actors, depicting a father with a warm smile, a mother in her gown, and siblings in their everyday attire, to enhance the campaign’s appeal as it celebrated the beauty of simplicity.
  • Language and Voiceover:But there was more to this heartwarming tale. The soulful voiceover, delivered in Hindi, evoked a sense of nostalgia and emotional connection. Amidst all the beauty of #GharWaliChai, we subtly showcased the Wagh Bakri tea packets, seamlessly blending their brand into the captivating story.

From Vision to Reality

Like a curious artist preparing to unveil their masterpiece to the audience. We decided to engage and create curiosity amongst Wagh Bakri’s audience before revealing the main videos. We cleverly engaged the audience with thoughtful questions on stories, asking tea lovers far and wide about their favourite tea types and cherished tea-time memories.

The response was overwhelming, as people poured their hearts out, sharing stories and nostalgic moments.

A screenshot of an Instagram story question
A screenshot of an Instagram story question
A screenshot of an Instagram story question

Finally, the moment arrived! We started releasing the reels one by one, each dedicated to a different family member and their special tea, encapsulating the essence of their personalities and relationships.

The first was Papa ki Adrak Waali Chai, where the father’s ginger-infused tea sparks warmth, much like the love he showered upon his family.

Then followed Mummy ki Phudina Chai a refreshing tea that reflected the rejuvenating conversations of a mother.

Next came Bhaiya ki Gud Chai, a sweet tea symbolising the tender bond between siblings.

The reel further moved to Didi ki Kashmiri Kahwa Chai, a unique and healthy blend that mirrored the distinct personality of an elder sister.

Finally, the reel culminated with Meri Classic Masala Chai, symbolising the daily comfort we all crave.

But the enchantment did not end with the reels. Behind the scenes, our social media manager worked tirelessly, posting hyperactively to an engaging audience to maximise the reach of this heartwarming campaign. The virtual teacups overflowed with likes, shares and comments, creating a ripple effect of love.

Results and Impacts

As the campaign took flight, it soared to heights they had never imagined. The reels got over 8 million views and reached more than 9 million people. And most importantly Wagh Bakri gained 2200 new followers. But the impact went beyond mere numbers and metrics.

People were touched by the authenticity that the #GharWaliChai campaign exuded. They felt an inexplicable connection as if they were sipping chai with their loved ones in the comfort of their own homes.

We received countless personal messages from people, expressing their gratitude and appreciation for bringing back cherished memories. Wagh Bakri, the brand, was over the moon with the results. The campaign had achieved its set objectives and more; it had created a community of chai lovers who felt a genuine bond with the brand

Lessons Learned

What made #GharWaliChai truly exceptional were the lessons learned along the way

Choosing the Right Ingredients

The right videographer, the perfect cast and attention to detail can create a masterpiece.

Steeping in Authenticity

Authenticity is the key to connecting with the audience, and making them feel at home.

The Perfect Amount of Passion

Passion and dedication can elevate a campaign from good to exceptional.

Stirring Emotions

Stirring emotions through storytelling can leave a lasting impact on the audience.

Pouring Consistency

Consistent engagement and timely actions can nurture a loyal audience.

A Sip of New Beginnings

As the #GharWaliChai campaign came to a successful end, the Flora Fountain team gathered for a tea party. Everyone ordered their particular type of tea. Shefali ordered the zesty orange iced tea and Vasim opted for the tantalising cranberry iced tea. As they savoured their tea, their eyes gleamed and in unison, they said,

“I have another campaign idea!”

And so, the tale of #GharWaliChai proved that with a dash of creativity, a pinch of passion, and a lot of love, a simple cup of tea could connect hearts and souls, making memories to last a lifetime. So, dear readers, brew your tales of togetherness with a sip of your favourite #GharWaliChai!

Frequently Asked Questions

We conduct thorough market research and audience analysis to identify on which platform your target audience is most active. Based on this, we select platforms that align with your brand’s goal.
We carefully plan each stage of the campaign and allocate resources effectively. Regular evaluations and adjustments help us to stay on track.
Depending on your preference, we offer weekly or monthly updates and thorough reports. These reports will offer insights into the effectiveness of the campaign, audience participation and optimisation suggestions.

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