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Who Creates the ‘Real’ Pictures? Comparison between: Bard, Bing & Midjourney?

Three images that show a lioness and zebra drinking water from a lake

All three AI-generated images look kind of the same yet kind of different, right? I mean, they do have this weird similarity, but hey, they were given the same prompt.

And here’s the catch– even though they seem similar, we have all probably picked a favourite by now. So, let me reveal the secret: the first one’s from Bing, the second’s from Midjourney and the third’s from Gemini (Bard).

Now, let’s talk about the prompt: A lioness and a zebra licking the surface of the water of a pond in the arid African savannah, elegant, minimalist, and taken from the side

Try yourself and compare the results.

In this blog, we are putting on our detective hats and diving into the key differences between the three AI models, figuring out why they created different images despite the same prompt and finally, helping you decide which one’s your go-to for all things image generation. Let’s roll!

Table of Contents

  1. Gemini (Bard)
  2. Midjourney
  3. Bing Co-pilot (Creative Mode)
  4. The Verdict
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
Different Uses of AI Image Generator

The rise of AI image generators has opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities, especially for designers and social media marketers. These tools, powered by machine learning, can translate your words into stunning visuals, expanding your toolkit and saving you precious time. Let’s explore how AI image generators are used in different ways:

In social media marketing

Imagine having to meet a moment of marketing deadline, where you need to create an actual creative with copy and designs spontaneously. That’s where AI-generated images come to the rescue in social media marketing — no need to hire a photographer or even open up the good old Photoshop. You get stunning visuals at the click of a button

In content creation

With Generative AI you no longer need stock photos for your engaging content. You can generate unique, eye-catching visuals that perfectly complement your written content. Imagine writing a blog post about “sustainable fashion” with an image of a model wearing an upcycled outfit crafted from recycled materials.

In presentations

No more boring PowerPoint presentations. Engage your audience with captivating, AI-generated visuals tailored to your topic. Imagine illustrating your presentation about climate change with images of melting glaciers and lush green forests, all created by an AI tool. You can also make complex data digestible and visually appealing with AI-generated charts, graphs and illustrations that translate your numbers into a clear and impactful story.

In web design

AI-generated images can serve as your reference when communicating visual ideas to a web design company in Ahmedabad. This ensures your design vision is accurately conveyed, providing the company with a solid foundation to create a web design tailored to your needs. This eliminates any potential misunderstandings, guaranteeing you and the company are on the same page.

In building brand identity

AI image generators play a crucial role in shaping a distinct brand identity, providing unique and visually captivating elements. These tools excel at crafting tailored visuals that align with a brand’s personality, ensuring a consistent presence across different platforms. By generating customized and on-brand images, AI contributes to building a cohesive visual identity for businesses. However, it’s essential to remember that, like any tool, AI image generators are just that – tools. For a comprehensive and authentic brand-building experience, consider collaborating with a proficient social media marketing agency in Ahmedabad. While these tools bring efficiency and a creative spark to the process, they can’t replace the human touch in marketing.

1. Gemini (Bard)

Bard chat window

While Bard, excels at text-based content creation, Gemini takes things a step further, venturing into the exciting world of multimodal image creation

Here’s how Gemini can help you in image generation:

Get Unique Images

You can describe your vision in plain English and Gemini will translate the text into an image. For example, you can request “a vibrant cyberpunk city teeming with neon life,” and Gemini paints it on a canvas of pixels.

You can even feed Gemini with existing images or videos and see it generate variations or completely new creations based on its understanding of the content.

Google trends showing trends of words like AI, ChatGPT and artificial intelligence
Explore Different Styles and Techniques

Craving a photorealistic portrait? A cartoon character for your children’s book? A pixel art landscape for your retro game? Gemini can adapt to various artistic styles, fulfilling your diverse needs. Experiment with different artistic movements! Ask for an image in the style of Van Gogh, Picasso, or any other iconic painter and see Gemini capture their essence.

Google trends showing trends of words like AI, ChatGPT and artificial intelligence
Iterate and Refine your Vision

Don’t like the initial output? No problem! Provide feedback to Gemini, suggest changes, and watch it refine the image iteratively until it perfectly matches your imagination.

Gemini’s working model

Unlike standard text-to-image models, Gemini is multimodal, meaning it can understand and combine various inputs like text, images, audio and even code. This allows for richer and more nuanced image creation. Gemini is built on the powerful Promethean language model, trained on a massive dataset of text and images.

2. Midjourney

Midjourney chat window

Midjourney not only creates awe-inspiring visuals, but it also fosters a collaborative and community-driven environment, making it a captivating choice for budding and seasoned artists alike. Let’s explore how Midjourney can help you in your creative journey

  • Text-to-Image: Describe your vision using words, and Midjourney transforms them into stunning visuals. Start your prompt with /Imagine and see it come to life on your screen.

Imagine “A mischievous fox wearing a top hat, balancing on a tightrope under a starry sky,”

  • Image-Based Inspiration: Feed Midjourney existing images or even sketches, and watch it generate variations or entirely new creations based on its understanding.
Join the Midjourney Community

This platform thrives on its passionate community. Share your prompts, critique each other’s work and even co-create images in real-time.

  • Get Expert Feedback: Receive valuable feedback from other users on your creations, helping you refine your ideas and elevate your work to new heights.
Technical Tidbits
  • Midjourney’s Engine: Unlike some tools, the exact details of Midjourney’s underlying model are not publicly available. However, it’s known to be a diffusion model, a type of AI trained on massive datasets of images and text, allowing it to learn the intricate relationships between visual concepts and textual descriptions.
  • Accessibility: Currently, Midjourney operates through a paid subscription and access is granted through waitlist invites. However, its strong community and unique collaborative features make it a sought-after option for many artists.

Bing Co-pilot (Creative Mode)

Bing chat window

Bing Copilot can help you create images from your words using AI. You can describe the picture you want to see, provide some context and choose an art style, and Bing Copilot will generate an image from your imagination. You can also share and save the images you create. Bing Copilot uses Bing Image Creator, which is powered by an advanced version of the DALL∙E model from OpenAI.

Google trends showing trends of words like AI, ChatGPT and artificial intelligence

All you need to do is go to Bing Chat and enter a prompt like “draw me a…” followed by a description of the image” . Bing will then take a few moments and generate four 1,024×1,024 images that you can click on to see more clearly and download them. Bing won’t draw celebrities.

Google trends showing trends of words like AI, ChatGPT and artificial intelligence

However, the results are subjectively just a step below Midjourney. Unlike Midjourney, Bing Chat doesn’t support inpainting. Nevertheless, it offers a unique feature not found in all AI art generators – the ability to incrementally iterate on a scene. For instance, you can prompt it to ‘draw a basket of fruit’ and then, in the next prompt, ask it to adjust a detail. Keep in mind that it won’t edit the existing scene; instead, it downloads a new image.

Google trends showing trends of words like AI, ChatGPT and artificial intelligence

If you want to try Bing Copilot image creation, you can either type “draw an image” or “create an image” as a prompt in chat, or click the Bing Image Creator icon in the sidebar. Copilot can learn from your feedback and preferences and provide you with personalised and relevant suggestions. It is designed to enhance your productivity, creativity, and data accessibility, while respecting your privacy and security.

Comparison: Bard, Bing & Midjourney
Criteria Gemini (Bard) Bing Co-pilot Midjourney
Free/Paid Free to use Free to use – Bing image creators allow 15 credits a day Requires subscription to use
Time taken 13 to 15 seconds 30 seconds About a minute
Image editing features None Yes Yes
Quality of Image creation Closer to realistic graphics but not a great quality More magical and in warm tones with good quality Real & high-quality images
Creates real human faces No Sometimes Yes
Disadvantages Allows limited customisation Sometimes produced biased results Limited options of style
Cannot make changes in same image
Additional Features Can generate text, code, music, etc. Can generate images from both text and image prompts and also write code, poems, essays, stories etc. Not yet, it generates only images for now
How Flora Fountain Used AI in Image Generation

Flora Fountain, a digital marketing company in Ahmedabad aren’t just trend followers but trendsetters. They utilise the power of AI to craft stunning, eye-catching visuals that increase the brand identity of their clients across every touchpoint. They do so by creating mesmerising festival posts that resonate with their audience, captivating product adverts that spark engagement and a cohesive brand aesthetic that never feels outdated. With AI acting as their artistic partner, they push creative boundaries, explore emerging trends and breathe life into their client’s vision. Look at some of the works done by them:

CarzSpa – To advertise their PPF and Prism in a creative way
Wagh Bakri – For Festivals & social media posts
Caffeine & Octane – For Diwali & New Year
Swarnaganga – To create an aesthetic feed

The Verdict

So, the AI tool you choose depends entirely on your marketing goals and the specific purpose you have in mind.

If your aim is to deliver professional and realistic images for your clients, Midjourney emerges as the top choice. It also stands out as the go-to option for professional designers.

On the flip side, Bing and Bard are excellent choices for beginners. They work well for those just starting to learn AI image generation, offering visual references for shared ideas. Additionally, they prove valuable for website blogs, articles and sometimes even social media stories.

Marketing should be fun and not boring. So, dive into some AI art experiments, share a laugh and witness the magic it brings to your brand. Who knows? You might just make the next viral sensation. If you need expert help, we are here for you. Reach out at hello@florafountain.com, and let’s create a stellar social media feed and marketing campaigns for your brand!

Frequently Asked Questions

DALL-E and Midjourney, regarded as the greatest AI picture generator for portraiture, uses artificial intelligence to convert your written instructions into distinctive, excellent works of digital art.
Now, ChatGPT can produce original photos from a straightforward conversation. Plus and Enterprise users can make use of this new functionality right now. Give ChatGPT a description of your idea, and it will come to life by presenting you with a range of images that you may edit and improve.
Yes, you can legally use AI-generated images on social media.

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