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10 Ways Digital Marketing Is Impacting Real Estate That You Aren’t Aware of

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Imagine you are looking in the market for a new house, browsing a real estate website. Suddenly, an immersive video unfolds, showcasing stunning rooms, windows, ambience and furniture. Surprisingly, you decide to purchase without actually visiting the property. Sounds unlikely? Not with real estate digital marketing. While it’s true that most people won’t make a final decision without a personal visit, investors conduct thorough research beforehand. This is where the power of real estate digital marketing shines, and its popularity is only expected to increase. In this blog, we are going to look at the history of real estate marketing and witness the transformative impact of digital marketing.

Table of Contents

  1. History of Real Estate Marketing
  2. The Impact of Digital Media on Real Estate
  3. 10 Digital Marketing Strategies Used in Real Estate
  4. What Does This Mean for Realtors?
  5. Real Estate Digital Marketing Services
  6. In Conclusion
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

History of Real Estate Marketing

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For decades, the real estate industry heavily relied on traditional marketing methods like print advertising and cold calling. While these methods persist, we will analyse how they can be seamlessly integrated into a digital strategy, ensuring the most effective approach for modern real estate brokerages.

Print media

One evergreen traditional marketing method still being used is print advertisements. It includes flyers, posters and signs. Many believe a more digitalised world means there is no longer a need for print media, but this is not true. Real estate operates in the physical world and therefore will always require some sort of marketing that exists outside of the digital realm.

Yard signs and billboards remain effective, especially when strategically placed in high-traffic areas. Billboards, in particular, excel at building brand awareness and advertising an agent or brokerage to a broad audience in targeted areas.

Direct mail

A personalized message having individuals’ names, adds a delightful touch. In real estate, utilising direct mail and signs remains effective, especially through automated platforms. Crafting campaigns with a personal touch is crucial for real estate agents, as their success relies on building relationships and trust with potential clients. Direct mail, when integrated with QR code technology and social media handles, can not only enhance individualised experiences but also drive increased website traffic and social media engagement.

Door-to-door and cold calling

A final traditional marketing strategy that is still effective and can be integrated into a digital-first campaign is cold calling or door-knocking. These strategies have withstood the test of time and are still one of the leading strategies that new agents use to generate leads, especially when coupled with digital, social and mobile strategies. Although the cold call success rate is only 2%. Similar to cold calling, door knocking for leads provides invaluable face-to-face interaction with potential clients. Door-knocking builds rapport in a community, offers cost-effective results and provides valuable in-person interaction.

The Impact of Digital Media on Real Estate

The internet has revolutionised everything, including the real estate world. While traditional marketing methods like print, telemarketing, direct mail and door-knocking are still in use, top-producing agents have started using digital and social media platforms to generate new business and create a buzz around their properties.

A prime example of this transformation is Chitrak Shivalik, a real estate disruptor and owner of Shivalik Group. A closer look at his Instagram and LinkedIn profiles reveals that he has moved beyond merely selling properties; he has transformed himself into a brand, marketing his properties through his image.

This example leads us to the impact of digital marketing on real estate industry

Being the front face of your business

Move beyond merely showcasing property images and deals; step in front of your audience as the face of your business. Seeing a human on the other side of the screen creates authenticity, builds trust and facilitates the sale of real estate properties.

Direct connection with the audience

Digital marketing on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allows direct interaction with the audience. Going live, responding to comments, and engaging in conversations via direct messages fosters a strong connection. While managing every interaction personally can be overwhelming, outsourcing to a digital marketing agency can handle these tasks efficiently.

Helps in creating a unique brand image

In an industry saturated with traditional marketing, digital marketing lets you create your unique brand identity. From tailored content to captivating visuals, it serves as a canvas for expressing your brand’s personality, setting you apart in the competitive real estate landscape.

The need for a middle man will be eliminated

The need for a middleman is eliminated as buyers and sellers can conduct transactions directly. Buyers can easily find information online without consulting others. If they decide to purchase a property, they can deal directly with the vendor or the seller’s representative.

Marketing in a creative way

Engage your audience with creativity! Utilise digital platforms to showcase your properties uniquely. From immersive virtual tours to visually appealing content, digital marketing lets you captivate your audience, turning leads into clients effortlessly.

10 Digital Marketing Strategies Used in Real Estate

  • Create a social media marketing strategy
  • SEO to rank high in search engines
  • E-mail marketing campaign
  • An user friendly website
  • Targeted Google Ads
  • Personalised digital marketing
  • Staying updated with trends
  • Generating leads through landing page
  • Networking and building relations
  • Managing online reputation
the concept of different digital marketing strategies increasing the ROI of real estate business
Create a social media marketing strategy

To tap into a broader market develop a social media plan to showcase your listings and engage potential buyers. Connect with your audience on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to increase your online presence.

Do SEO to rank high in search engines

Implement SEO strategies to ensure your real estate business ranks higher on search engines like Google. This way, your properties will be among the first options potential buyers see when they search online.

Create an e-mail marketing campaign

Stand out from the crowd! Tailor your digital marketing efforts to resonate with potential clients. Craft personaliwed messages, showcase your unique selling points and build a connection that goes beyond the typical real estate pitch.

Create a website for online presence

Create a website that acts as a lead-converting powerhouse for your business. Design it to capture visitors’ contact information, fostering professional relationships. Ensure it’s user-friendly and optimised for mobile to enhance the overall browsing experience.

Use Google ads to target specific audiences

Be seen by the right people! Utilise Google Ads to precisely target your desired audience. This approach increases your visibility, drives traffic to your website and converts leads into successful transactions.

Personalise your digital marketing

Generic marketing is like one size fits — ineffective and forgettable. Craft personalised experiences for your audience, tailoring content and offers to their unique needs. Watch those connections turn into conversions.

Stay updated with trends

In the ever-evolving real estate industry, staying updated with the latest trends is crucial. Keep an eye on Gujarat’s real estate digital marketing trend. Adopt new technologies, embrace innovative marketing strategies and position your business as a trendsetter.

Generate leads through a landing page

Forget cold calls and chasing leads, let them come to you! A strategic landing page with strategic offers captures valuable information, converting curious website visitors into potential clients.

Networking and building relations

Expand your horizons! Network strategically within the real estate industry to build relationships. Attend industry events, collaborate with other professionals and create a network that opens doors to valuable opportunities and referrals.

Manage online reputation

In the digital age, maintaining a positive online reputation is crucial. Respond promptly to reviews, showcase testimonials and actively manage your online presence to build trust and credibility among potential clients.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing for real estate differs from other industries, requiring expertise and a deep understanding of the sector and audience. Choosing the right real estate digital marketing agency is crucial. Research 3-4 agencies to understand their process, costs and commitment periods. Communicate expectations and ask for previous case studies to validate their results. Flora Fountain stands out in the industry, providing creative and strategic support, and delivering proven long-term impacts for notable clients.

In Conclusion

The success of your campaign’s execution is what matters most in digital marketing for real estate. It pays off to put in a little more work to stand out from the crowd since every realtor and broker uses digital marketing campaigns as part of their marketing plan. Expanding your audience isn’t the only priority, but the quality of those conversions is where you will find your true success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing helps real estate businesses connect with potential customers who haven’t seen their listings. It generates leads, builds audience connections and showcases properties beautifully.
Using techniques like building eye-catching landing pages, providing helpful content downloads (like ebooks and guides), executing targeted ad campaigns, employing email marketing and streamlining your website’s contact forms helps you generate leads with digital marketing strategies.
To optimise your real estate website for better visibility, you may focus on techniques like conducting keyword research, producing excellent content, optimising meta tags, enhancing site speed and making sure the site is mobile-responsive.

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