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10 Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in Ahmedabad

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Ever wondered why digital marketing campaigns are memorable and captivate millions of customers? Well, the secret lies in a mix of elements that go beyond just posting ads or content on social media.

Do you want to create a memorable digital marketing campaign for your brand? We will guide you, here is the list of the top 10 digital marketing campaigns in Ahmedabad that will fuel your creative sparks. These campaigns vividly explain how diverse brands across various industries leveraged digital marketing to reach their goals and elevate their businesses.

  1. Digital Marketing Campaign VS General Marketing Campaign
  2. 10 Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in Ahmedabad
  3. 5 Reasons to Invest In a Digital Marketing Campaign
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Digital Marketing Campaign VS General Marketing Campaign

Compared to traditional marketing, a digital marketing campaign is far more dynamic and long-lasting. It involves marketing through electronic media and the internet to increase online visibility and brand awareness.

A brand has a much better chance of reaching its target people with digital marketing channels such as email, social networking, PPC, search engines, blogging and ecommerce websites. In addition, the increasing use of the Internet has increased its relevance. As of January 2023, stats estimate that there were 4.76 billion active social media users worldwide.

Here is a table summarising the key differences between digital marketing campaigns and traditional marketing campaigns:

Features Traditional marketing campaign Digital marketing campaign
Channels Offline channels such as print, television, commercial and radio ads. Online channels such as social media, websites, email and mobile apps.
Targeting Typically less targeted Highly targeted to specific demographics interests and behaviours.
Cost More cost-effective Can be more expensive than digital campaigns.
Measurability Can be easily tracked and measured to determine ROI./td>

Typically more difficult to track and measure results.

10 Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in Ahmedabad

#GharWaliChai by Wagh Bakri

For over a century, Wagh Bakri has held a special place in every Indian home. It’s based on 3 pillars – Trust, Tradition and Taste. When it came to choosing a digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, the brand’s rich legacy demanded the right fit. Flora Fountain, with eight years of FMCG expertise, became the choice.

Together, they brewed up #GharWaliChai, celebrating unique teas made by family members. The digital marketing campaign started with engaging tea lovers by asking about their favourite tea memories. After that reels were released for each family member’s special tea. The campaign got 8 million views, reached 9 million people and gained 2200 followers. Beyond numbers, #GharWaliChai created an authentic connection. Messages poured in, people relived cherished memories and Wagh Bakri formed a community of bonded chai lovers.

Dethaali by Kamaii

The “De Thaali” campaign by Kamaii is a digital marketing campaign promoting online home-cooked food delivery in Ahmedabad and Vadodara. Launched by Kamaii, a local food app, in partnership with Flora Fountain, the campaign aims to showcase its unique offerings and attract and retain customers.

With the tagline “DeThaali the campaign was about Kamaii’s different food options that suit different tastes. They focus on good quality, cleanliness, lots of choices, and easy availability. The campaign used digital things like social media, newspapers and videos to share this message. They also use cool taglines and hashtags like #DeThaali, #SpeakFromTheHeart, and #KamaiiStory to make it fun and interest people. It worked well, reaching over a million people and getting 6490 orders from September 2021 to March 2022, with 5082 new customers.

Re-evolving Patang Hotel

Patang Hotel, a famous place in Ahmedabad, recently opened again after being closed for four years for some improvements. They cleverly shared this news through a special campaign.

To make people excited, Patang Hotel worked with influencers on the internet who asked interesting questions about what was happening in Ahmedabad. This got people talking and wondering.

They also posted nice pictures on Instagram with witty captions, keeping the idea of their revolving hotel in mind and calling it a ‘re-evolving’ hotel. Using influencer marketing helped them make more people excited and spread the news around the city.

The big moment of the reopening was a fancy event with Bollywood star Suniel Shetty. This made the reopening even more special and glamorous.

Driven by Courtyard Marriot

When it comes to talking about hotels, most ads focus on showing rooms, restaurants and services. But Courtyard by Marriott did something different Their ad campaign took a unique approach. Instead of just talking about the hotel, they’re highlighting what success means to the next generation of guests.

Courtyard by Marriott wants to tell you that their hotel gives the best experience to guests as they chase their passions. The campaign, tells the story of Garima Avtar, a top rally driver in India. It shows how her story is connected to the experience of staying at Courtyard by Marriott.

The campaign video is called ‘Driven,’ and it’s exciting to watch. The editing and story are so well done that it keeps you interested until the end. It’s a clear way of saying what Courtyard by Marriott believes in and how their guests go after their passions in the world. Check out the video below.

Pidhiya by Shilpa Lifestyle

Shilpa Lifestyle is a premium jewellery brand in Rajkot. Their “Pidhiya” digital campaign targeted a younger audience, aiming to establish the idea that generations may change, but trust endures. The campaign showcased Gujarati actress Esha Kansara wearing Shilpa Lifestyle’s jewellery, chosen to connect with the local audience. The campaign, posted on Instagram, received significant appreciation and yielded notable results for the brand in terms of increased awareness and followers.

ProtectwithCarzSpa by CarzSpa

The “Protect with CarzSpa” campaign by was a digital marketing initiative aimed at showcasing the advantages of CarzSpa’s car detailing and paint protection services. CarzSpa, a leading car detailing company in India, launched this campaign to introduce new offerings like CrystalShield Ceramic Coating, Graphene Ceramic Coating, and Aegis Paint Protection Film (PPF).

With the tagline “Protect with CarzSpa,” the campaign emphasizes CarzSpa’s commitment to providing top-notch solutions for safeguarding both the car’s exterior and interior. These solutions address various threats like scratches, stains, fading, corrosion and more. The campaign used diverse digital channels such as social media and videos to highlight the benefits and features of CarzSpa’s products and services. The goal was to encourage customers to explore and order through the app or website. To enhance engagement, the campaign employed creative and catchy slogans, creating a buzz among the audience.

Roast your dost

Baked By Nini’s- Baked by Nini’s is a bakery shop with outlets in Ahmedabad and Baroda. The shop is very active on Instagram and posts hilarious content. For Friendship Day they started a campaign called #Roastyourdost where people have to make a video of roasting their friend and tag baked by Nini’s. In return, Nini’s will send them free brownies called #browniesforbesties. And people did share the video of roasting their friends.

#Shaving Stereotypes by Gillette

Gillette’s “Shaving Stereotypes” campaign comprised digital marketing efforts aimed at challenging and reshaping the norms of masculinity across different cultures. Inspired by Gillette’s global slogan, “The Best a Man Can Be,” the campaign sought to inspire positive change and establish a new standard for men. The campaign’s focal point is the true story of social entrepreneur Prashant Gade, serving as an example for young Indians to surpass societal expectations and redefine possibilities. Gade’s journey unfolds as he confronts the challenges faced by an amputee struggling to shave. Through persistent effort, he developed a bionic prosthetic and established the Inali Foundation, impacting the lives of numerous amputees. Titled “Engineering Change,” the film was launched on various digital platforms, narrating this impactful story. You can watch it here

Har moment Right Kar by Vadilal

Vadilal Industries International Business has launched a new campaign for their flagship ice cream range – Vadilal Ice Cream – in the overseas market. The agency’s campaign, titled ‘Vadilal Quick Treat – Har Moment Right Kar!’, aims to reinforce the brand’s commitment to unbeatable taste, texture and flavours, offering people a genuine experience of the moment. The campaign seeks to give a fresh image to Vadilal Quick Treat Ice Cream, particularly for the USA and Indians abroad, where it holds nostalgic value. Rooted in the insight at that time, tide, and ice creams wait for no one, the campaign encourages living in the present and savouring joy without delay. Vadilal ice cream serves as a reminder to truly experience each moment with its unmatched taste, texture, and flavours. The campaign was made live across various platforms, including TV, radio and the brand’s online channels.

Brave and Beautiful campaign by Dabur

Dabur, a traditional brand in India, boldly ventured into long-format digital advertising with the ‘Brave and Beautiful’ campaign. The results were exceptional, making unprecedented connections with audiences. In terms of goals, the initiative aimed to shift the brand image from a traditional one to a contemporary and relatable identity. Additionally, the objective was to establish a connection with the key target audience by imbibing the brand with qualities of youthfulness, vibrancy and social consciousness. The approach taken involved leveraging YouTube as a pivotal tool for creating content that deeply resonated with a broader audience. The strategy also involved altering brand perception through long-form storytelling on digital platforms. As a result, the account witnessed an exponential growth of 70X and the anthem video for “Brave & Beautiful” garnered an impressive 2.4 million views.

5 Reasons to Invest In a Digital Marketing Campaign

Here are 5 reasons to do a digital marketing campaign for your business:

To increase your online visibility

In today’s digital environment, every small and big business needs to have a strong online presence and visibility. By launching a digital marketing campaign you can expand your online presence and connect with more prospective customers who are searching for your goods or services.

A unique way of sharing your brand story

Brands require a narrative that is both immersive and sensory in their ad campaigns. However, in traditional marketing, firms tend to sound more promotional and often miss the chance to share their side of the story and establish stronger ties. Hence brand stories or customer-led stories are important for driving sales in this day and age, where 82% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers.

Stand out of the competition

You have a better chance of gaining the necessary momentum when you create content based on your customer’s interests. For example you sell premium diamond jewellery, you can target customers who have a preference for such jewellery. You might want to collaborate with a social media marketing company in Ahmedabad and make content that appeals to your customer’s interests. This way you cater to the needs of customers and stand out from the competition.

To maintain relationships with customers

An important goal of any marketing campaign is to build and maintain relationships with customers. By doing a digital marketing campaign, you can communicate and interact with your customers regularly and keep them updated and engaged with your brand. You can also provide them with customer support and collect their feedback or testimonials.

Experiential marketing

Engagement marketing, also known as experiential marketing, is another strategy that helps your business attract large audiences by transforming a modest event into the largest possible one. While event marketing and experiential marketing are sometimes confused, the latter focuses more on the contact between consumers and businesses that can strengthen enduring relationships. Small businesses can also use this chance to curate varied experiences that cater to the attendees of the events. Even the tiniest events can be live-streamed to make attendance easy for everyone by sharing them on social media.

In Conclusion

These campaigns clearly explain how diverse brands across various industries leveraged digital marketing to reach their goals and elevate their businesses but amid fierce competition, investing significant time and money is necessary. For businesses, however, these investments can feel burdensome when the expected results don’t materialise.

This is where the expertise of the best digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, comes. Using their knowledge and skills, Flora Fountain can help you craft a creative digital marketing campaign. Ready to take your brand to the next level? Drop us an email at hello@florafountain.com, and let’s kickstart a conversation about developing a realistic and effective digital marketing campaign for your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

A meticulously designed and executed strategy aimed at promoting a product, service or brand to a certain demographic using digital platforms is known as a digital marketing campaign.
The 5 pillars of the digital marketing campaign are – website, SEO, social media, content and Ads.
An effective digital marketing campaign consists of three key components: identifying the target audience, developing a plan and carrying it out.

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