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Creative Video Content Creators in Ahmedabad

FACT: Since March 2020, video consumption has shot up by a whopping 120%. The weekly hours watched increased dramatically from 2.6 million to 4.6 million.

Sounds unbelievable, right?

While we’re not claiming people have totally given up on the written word and do not read anymore, but with our attention span decreasing, internet speeds increasing and higher affordability of top quality smartphones, we now dare to think everything in motion.

People tend to stop and watch when something plays out on their screens while scrolling away. And if the content is interesting, it will get them hooked and convince them to consume more of such similar content or check out the source of the video, i.e. the brand or company which published it.

And this is exactly what we create for you and your brand as a digital agency now also known for our video creation in Ahmedabad. A well-planned and produced video is still one of the best ways to connect and engage with your audience. And with more and more social media platforms focusing on video-first products, like Reels on Instagram and Shorts on YouTube, it is time you not just dip your toes into video content creation, but take a cannon-ball plunge into it.

Animated Video Creation for Brands in Ahmedabad

At Flora Fountain, we can create literally any piece of media into video content for you. Yeah, we’re not kidding! Our team of motion graphics and animated video creators are magicians in disguise who can make your brand come alive on the screen. We create eye-catching and exciting videos for every platform. You tell us where you wish to stream your video content and we’ll tailor it for you with precision and premium quality editing.

So, what do we at Flora Fountain, the best video production company in Ahmedabad, create for you?

1. Explainer Videos

Anyone can write an entire book worth of content explaining their brand and product. But we can crunch them all into a quick and easy 15-second video where even a layman on social media can understand what your brand is all about.

2. Instructional Videos

Bite-sized video content which breaks down the way one should use your product/service, in the simplest way possible, in the shortest form or videos.

3. Logos

Gone are the days of static logos for your brand. We make your logos, taglines and titles come to life on your websites and other digital platforms with sharp motion graphics.

4. Infographics

Data and figures never looked more fun with Flora Fountain’s animated infographics for your business. Grab the attention of your viewers with stand-out images, interesting charts, and minimal yet informative texts in your videos.

5. Presentations

Gone are the days of boring business presentations which would put your team to sleep within the first 10 minutes. Present your business to partners, investors, and clients and keep them hooked with a burst of colour, exciting imagery, and eye-catching motion graphics.

6. GIFs

Something our video and graphics team loves to create for businesses. GIFs and Motion Stickers which convey anything and everything that words cannot. We create custom gifs using images and graphic designs for brands and individuals to use on social media.

7. Video Editing

The basic yet the best! Any and every form of raw video content you bring to us, we’ll convert them into a beautiful piece of video content by giving it a structure, script, and some excellent editing.

Let’s bring your business to life with videos, let us do the magic for you!

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