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What is a digital marketing agency doing in Ahmedabad anyway?

Any form of marketing or promotion that is done on the internet, is called Digital Marketing Services.

Now that we’ve got this out of the way, let us tell you what exactly we do as a digital marketing company in Ahmedabad. No matter what your brand is or where it is located, in a metropolitan city like Mumbai or the interiors of Kottayam in Kerala, there is always a customer for you. Basically, geography doesn’t really matter in today’s day and age of high speed internet and smartphones. And we do the job of identifying, connecting, and engaging those customers on the world wide web through our well planned digital marketing strategies involving market research, product research, defining target audience, consumer behaviour etc.

As a part of our digital marketing solution, we provide:

Social Media Marketing

Literally everyone is on social media. And there is no better place to promote your brand and products. And we the ,b>digital marketing experts do it the best for you, no matter what platform you wish to be on, from Instagram to Pinterest.
We conduct an in-depth research of your customer demographic, and plan social media calendars, strategize a variety of branding and promotional activities and campaigns online. We also tap into the thriving influencer marketing segment to attract genuine and probable customers for the brand. We do it all with an eye on the analytics, ensuring you have a personal connection with your customers and become their first choice.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having your website search engine optimised is absolutely important for your brand to be visible on the top of the search engine pages (SERP) every time someone searches for your product or services. SEO is targeting and attracting organic traffic towards your brand’s website by identifying what people search for on search engines like Google and Bing and targeting those keywords on your website.

Our SEO consultants practise only the most ethical ways of SEO, adding value to your business and fetching you a regular stream of visitor traffic on your website. We conduct SEO activities for you through a thorough analysis and review of the website, your competitors, redundancy of existing keywords and popularity of newer ones.

Paid Promotions

Our team run paid ads that propel the brand on top of the search engines, to the timelines of people scrolling endlessly on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other digital platforms. The ads aren’t just designed posters, but well strategised and curated pieces of content which instantly attract the eye of the target audience and convince them to click or engage with it.

Anything and everything that we do at Flora Fountain as a part of our digital marketing services in Ahmedabad and all over India has strong backing of reason and research. Whether it is designing a website with SEO backing, preparing a branding and social media strategy or planning paid promotional adverts online,, our teams conduct intensive research on the market, the product and its consumers.

Before any of our ideas are pitched for, we study the relevant trends in the market in terms of your business, with which we get an understanding about the position of your service/product and its demand and supply. Armed with this data, we strategize, and plan fool-proof digital marketing strategies with the requirements to achieve the target.

Flora Fountain as the best digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad not only plays by the trends but sometimes breaks them even creates a whole new one around you, harnessing the power of the internet!

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