Why your business needs a digital agency…

Everybody is online now, the borders have blurred and distance of thousands of miles have been reduced to your laptops and smartphone screens. Which means, the world is your market today and you are selling your wares or providing your services to people whom you may have never met, or won’t ever meet in your lifetime. Any new or old business needs to get on and be active the world wide web today because it is on the internet where you are going to find people now, who might be your probable customer tomorrow.
As on January 2018, there were close to 4 billion people of the world’s total population were accessing the internet using their mobile phones, and it is a well-known fact that India has the second-highest number of internet users in the world right now. Imagine the large swathes of people you’ll able to reach out to and serve with your business being accessible to people online.
But, getting your business online is not as easy as it sounds. Just making a social media page and sharing any content, related or not related to your business could instead cause you harm. A website that doesn’t excite or convince the visitor to try out your services or products is a futile exercise and attracts negative branding to your business. And this is where a digital agency comes into play.
A good digital agency like Flora Fountain takes over your burden of being active and attractive 24X7 to people on the internet so that you can concentrate on doing the business that you’re good at. A digital agency devises a strategy for your business in a manner that gets maximum visibility on the internet and converts visitors on your digital platform into paying customers of your product/service.

How does it work?
The very first thing that digital agency starts working on putting a finger on your target audience and consumers. Their team consisting of designers, developers, writers, marketing brains who are armed with the knowledge of working with different avenues and fields of businesses and are aware of the likes and dislikes of people, their buying habits, prevalent trends, etc. They advise the businesses on what kind of tools to use and platforms they need to get on to, depending on the size and value of the business. Because it is a level playing field now, you must look the best online. It doesn’t matter if you were business behemoth offline if your content doesn’t appeal to people online, you’re going to lose a large chunk of business. And a digital agency ensures that your business puts out the best content out there that engages with your audience and converts them into customers.
Your online presence includes your website, your social media pages on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, a mobile custom mobile application, and even pop up ads on other popular websites and platforms too. To hire a full-time employee/s to manage all this is not only a tedious process but very costly too. But by commissioning a digital agency to manage your online presence, you are getting the backing a team of thorough professionals who have cut their teeth their field of expertise, be it coding, writing, or designing.

Will it cost me a bomb?
No, it doesn’t. On the other hand, it will improve the standard of your business, and attract more customers to you. Hiring a digital agency to back you on your online game is not an expenditure, but an investment, that starts bearing fruits in a short period. This, because the execution and response rate from people is very quick. You either do legendary stuff online, or you die a slow death and no one will even notice it. While going for OTT banners, print and television advertisements could have your paying from your nose, getting a digital agency to handle your promotional activities online is more effective and costs you way lesser than the former. While the former tries to reach out to a wide range of audience with no promise of conversion, digital marketing targets product or service-specific demographic based on various factors like the consumers’ age, spending, earnings, time spent on various social media platforms and the kind of culture they follow and represent. This helps in cutting down your costs on marketing by a huge difference.

How can we help you?
Flora Fountain is a motley crew of creative ninjas who possesses all the talents that are required to build your business presence online from the ground up. Our developers design and build bespoke websites with customisations that you won’t find anywhere and made specially to suit your business needs. We strategise the branding game that champions you as the best in your field and creates a recall value in the customers’ minds. We plan social media strategies which ensure that your brand engages with your customers not only at your business but with them as their best friend too. We create designs and artwork for your branding and promotional activities, which make you stand out from the flock as the best in the market.
Now that you’re wondering if your business is yet to tap its full potential, why don’t you pick up that phone and dial our expert today? We’d love to have a cup of coffee with you over an interesting session of brainstorming ideas for your next business strategy.
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