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Concept Photo & Video Shoots in Ahmedabad

There are two ways to develop interest and desire among people about your product or service. One, is through word of mouth, and the other is through a visual treatment of the same. And in current times where people being more dependent on visual cues, they “ buy what they can see” and not just read about it in text, it is important for any business to showcase their products and services through attractive imagery and videos.

And to plan and execute a professionally conducted photo and video shoot in Ahmedabad for your business, you need a team that can manage everything to the T. That is what we do at Flora Fountain do for you. Having conducted and directed multiple photoshoots for various lifestyle, jewellery and F&B brands, our team can differentiate between “good” and “fabulous”. We understand aesthetics, whether it is about a product must look, feel and what would catch the viewers’ attention first and give birth to a new desire for it in his/her mind.

What do we do?

We create concepts, exclusively for your brand.

When it comes to creating a concept for a business, brand or a personality, it is a beautiful fusion of numbers, creativity and psychology. We study the brand’s ideology, its vision, their consumers’ behavior and connect with them. We step into the customers’ shoes to think and reconstruct their thought process to come up with ideas which will surely delight them.

Art Direction

Another domain of expertise of ours is Art Direction. Just clicking a picture or video is not enough for a brand and its product. Every frame must convey a message through various elements. Whether it’s choosing the colour of the backgrounds, to why a product must be places in a certain manner, and which side of it brings out its best visual. While these may seem a bit meticulous, but god lies in the details.

Shoot Planning & Photography in Ahmedabad

It is one thing to get photographs clicked and videos shot, and it’s a completely different ball game to ensure the entire shoot is managed and executed the way you want for the brand. And as concept shoot specialists, we help you pick the location, connect you to the various personnel who’ll be involved in the shoot, assist you with any special permits needed for the shoot and get on board only the best photographers and video specialists in Ahmedabad. Apart from all this, we also personally oversee the photography and video shoot by being at the location, to ensure every box is ticked at the end of the day.

What kind of shoots we assist you in?

– Ecommerce Shoot

Specially curated photography and videography for your Ecommerce website and online shop.

– Product Photography

Photography focusing solely on the products ranging from something yummy like cookies, strong like tea to dazzling jewellery.

– Shoot for Social Media

Photographs and videos shot solely for social media posts of the brand, including static posts, animated stories, gifs, IGTV videos and reels.

Your brand, our concepts, great visual treat for your consumers!

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